Kids choose some strange shit.

The Nickelodeon Kids’ Choice Awards were on tonight, of course my daughter and I watched them!

An annual concoction of screaming kids, funny hosts, cherished superstars and lots of slime.

Do you remember Nickelodeon back in the day? I’m talking Cat Dog, Rugrats, Doug, Are You Afraid of the Dark, Eureeka’s Castle… this list could go for days. Those were the good old days. Back when MTV still played music and VH1’s pop-up video segments were FREAKING AWESOME!!! :) Rockin some Alanis Morisette and shit.

I digress.

I find that I am still very much a kid at heart, immature, childish.. call it what you will. I still love the Nickelodeon shows! Yeah, I said it. I don’t just put up with them for my daughter’s sake, I sincerely enjoy the shows themselves and the actors. It’s fun to see them in different shows/movies/songs and watch them pretty much grow up on my television screen. Now I kinda feel creepy.. moving on.

I found it strange that given Gabby Douglas, Serena & Venus Williams, and Danica Patrick – that they picked the racecar driver for their favorite female athlete. I mean I respect racing and all but come on, Gabby Douglas is fucking amazing AND she’s a kid!

Not only that, but Victorious won the favorite TV show category over Wizards of Waverly Place and iCarly. There was some angry shouting from next to me on the couch… my daughter was a die-hard iCarly fan. She even started tearing up when watching the nominee reel because the show is over, sniffle.

It was extremely amusing to see all the presenters and winners slip around on the stage and react honestly to touching the kids’ slimy hands on their way up to it. A little awkward, definitely worth a giggle. Live TV is always great, isn’t it?

I’m pretty sure I seem like a big fucking dork now. The good news is….

I don’t care!



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