No More Writing Wrong

Do I mean writing in the literal sense? Do I mean “righting” but I’m trying to be clever with the spelling? Do you even give a shit? Why am I still asking questions?

Some background information: I used to write another blog, someone in my family got pissed off about some content in a post that they had no business even reading, and now here I am. Continuing that blog didn’t feel right. It feels tainted now, dirty. I don’t know how that person got to my blog, whether it was a random Google accident or if someone I know passed the link along… either way, it shouldn’t have happened. Not only that, I shouldn’t have written shit that someone could have gotten pissed off about.. I guess. Or, I should have been more conscious about where and how I was “publicizing” my blog.

The whole thing got fucked up.

I’ve chewed on this plan for a week, and finally decided to give birth to new blog. And now here you are.

I was writing wrong before, but not because of what I was writing. It’s because of what I did with that writing that it was all wrong. I had a Facebook page, posted on Twitter under my blog, intermixed my “personal” and “blog” lives online. It didn’t seem like a big deal to me until the shit literally blew up in my face.

So now here we are. If you came here from my old blog, welcome back! I have a handful of readers whom I electronically love dearly because they are awesome. And I know that you folks are probably the ones here reading this…. Thank you.  Not too much will change as far as you’ll be able to tell, but I feel better already.





Okay…. let’s do this shit.

Always yours,



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