What do you mean you’re pregnant?

Ahhhh, I can finally write about all the shit I was worried my friends would be upset by!

I’m getting married at the end of June, just about 3 months from today. That came up FAST! In light of the fact that my fiancé and I haven’t done shit in the way of planning our wedding, it is now officially crunch time. At the top of my exponentially growing to-do list is to schedule a dress fitting for myself & my daughter (the flower girl, of course). That also means it’s time for my bridesmaids to do the same.

I only have two “real” bridesmaids, and that includes the matron of honor. My 11-year-old sister is the 3rd but my mom obviously handles her business. [I’m getting to the point, I promise]. One of my bridesmaids got engaged recently herself and will be getting married in the fall. The other one just found out that she’s pregnant last weekend. I guess they missed the memo that my wedding is supposed to be all about me!

Now it’s all about “who are you using for your DJ, we’re looking for one” and “I need to get a new dress because I’m going to be very pregnant at your wedding”.

Thanks gals.

My matron of honor, my very best friend in the entire world, is the pregnant one. Don’t get me wrong, I love this chick dearly. However, I’m a little pissed off (even if selfishly so), that she now needs to get a new dress 3 months before the wedding. Oh and also the fact that she can’t drink at my bachelorette party or reception. Yeah…. that matters to me. Because now there will be someone there talking about how sick she feels or how she’s tired or complaining about drunk people because she’s sober. And coming to an after-party at the hotel we’re staying in? Well, I have my fingers crossed but I’m not holding my breath.

My other bridesmaid did not ask me to be in her wedding, which hurts a little too. Although I’ll never tell her that.. we are not anywhere near as close as we used to be. We hang out 2-3 times a year and rarely speak on the telephone. She does have a lot of close friends that she made in college that she sees regularly. What ties us together is the length of time we’ve been friends (approx 15 years) and the fact that she was there for me when no one else knew the hell I was living through with my daughter’s biological dad.

Tonight on the phone my matron of honor shot down an offer by a friend of mine to let the bachelorette party attendees crash at her house instead of getting a hotel room. An offer I was totally down to accept because this friend is really cool and she has an EXTREMELY spacious townhouse that I’ve spent many a fun night drinking in. And it’s free. And it’s right near a metro stop which would take us directly to/from our destination.

Pregnant chick went “uhh if we’re going to a bar I’m not staying the whole time. I want to go back to my hotel room and crash, I’m going to be 5 months pregnant.

Well thanks, sweetheart. Thanks for making this about you!


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