Not the new kid anymore.

A new guy started at work today. Now there are 10 total people employed by my company, including the boss. This new guy though, he is starting way higher on the ladder than I am so it’s bittersweet.

I’m no longer the “new kid” but his status trumps my tenure. Boo.

Why do I care about shit like this? I’m the only one in the office that sees myself as “just” the receptionist. Everyone else treats me like we are all on the same level. So why do I spend obscene amounts of time trying to plot my climb up the ladder and obsessing about my current position? I don’t like being a fucking receptionist, that’s why. I’m smarter and better than that.

Hey Amanda, stop being an asshole to yourself. Oh and get back to work.

That is all.

It’s Thursday. The day before payday. Which means I am broke as a joke and every molecule in my body is willing Friday 12:00am to get here so that I can have some moolah in my bank account!

I’m tired as crap, I didn’t fall asleep until 2:30am. Damn Restaurant Impossible gets me every time.. I’m hooked!

I bought a 6″ Subway Tuna sandwich for lunch, even though that $5 could have been better spent elsewhere. I even got the Italian Herbs & Cheese bread even though I know the whole grain bread would have been a better choice for my current exercise/diet thing I’m trying. Oh yeah bitches – I am in a dangerous state of mind!!

I’m sitting at the front desk. Which is no different from any other day… I was hired to be the Receptionist/Administrative Assistant… so no big surprise that I would be planted in the lobby of my office, facing the door waiting to pick up the phone or unlock the suite door when someone bangs on the glass or rings the extra loud doorbell that chimes through the whole office even though they can see me sitting right in front of them. It’s really rather glorious…


I knew going into it that this was going to be my job. I’ve had a difficult time both accepting my new role and adjusting to it, because it’s all new to me! In previous positions I have managed programs or ran departments, you know, important stuff. Now I sit here at this pretty little desk in this fancy little office and I Recept. Or whatever it is called that the Receptionist does. And I Assist, Administratively.

My pretty little desk.

My pretty little desk.

In one way it is super awesome, this job is easier than any I have ever had. And the salary is just about the same as the more important jobs I was doing before. So that’s a bonus. It’s also a really relaxed environment where my coworkers rarely work 8 hour days and are late, leaving early, or “working from home” quite often. These are benefits I could take advantage of too but choose not to as I’ve only been here for 2 months, I figure I will keep up brown-nosing for at least 6 months before I get really comfy like my peers.

Then there’s that: my peers. We have a very small office with 9 total employees: myself, IT guy, accountant, marketing manager, member program manager, membership specialist, communications/operations manager and the Big Boss. Then there’s the executive director of the foundation that is tied to our organization but she’s only here 1 day per week so she doesn’t count. In this makeup of titles, there are 3 key people: The Big Boss, Operations Manager & Marketing Manager. They run the show. Then there’s the rest of us, who although we have different titles and responsibilities, are all kind of lumped together as far as a hierarchy rankings go.

So I sit out here at the front desk, but I’m still treated like any other employee. And they are respectful… I’ve not ever felt like someone looked down their nose at me because I’m “just” the receptionist. Quite frankly, I’ve done them a lot of good since coming on board 2 months ago and have taken every single opportunity to show off what I can do so that they know I’m so much better than the role I’m in now. That expensive ass bachelor’s degree I got has collected a LOT of dust since 2009… and that pisses me off.

I know right, Pam? They just don't get it.

I know right, Pam? They just don’t get it.

Why did I take a position that I knew I wouldn’t be satisfied with? Well, it’s not that complicated really. The benefits and salary are slightly better than where I was working before (and I HATED my previous job with a passion unlike no other). I could tell right up front that they would be flexible with my schedule and kid-stuff, as most of the employees here have elementary school kids. And it’s closer to what I love, human services, than the Window & Door place I was working at previously (this is a trade association & foundation).

With all that in mind, I took a big leap of faith. I knew going in that a small organization with so much room to grow would mean opportunities in the future. During my interview, the Operations Manager clued me in to the fact that 75% of my coworkers started here through a temp agency and kind of “grew” into their current positions. That’s the kind of opportunity I need. They have to get to know me, what I’m capable of and what I can contribute before I get to move up the ranks and damn it that is exactly what I plan to do!

Forgive me for the random complaints. I try not to talk about it with people “in real life” because I am A) Embarrassed to be a glorified secretary and B) I did it to myself so I have no right to complain to someone else. So you get to see all my grief in writing on my blog instead. Cause it’s my blog… that’s why!

I just have to hang in there, continue to go above and beyond and hope that it all comes back to me in the very best ways going forward.

Always yours,



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