A group of people inspired me today.

You may or may not be aware, but gay marriage has been an extremely hot topic in the past few days. Interested parties are anxiously awaiting a Supreme Court ruling that will be written about in history books. Are they going to recognize gay marriage as legal across our nation? Or will they leave it up to the states to decide? And you thought you had a hard time making your outfit decision this morning. Pfffft.

Me, personally? I support gay marriage. I think it’s absolutely vile to deny two people a right to be legally married, whatever their sexual orientation may be. However.. I also don’t feel the need to belittle the folks on the other side who think that gay marriage is “wrong” and should be illegal. I’m not some Evangelical Christian whose mission it is to make all the people around me feel the same way that I do. I’m not even about the politics on this one. If it becomes recognized federally, great. If not, I hope that people would have the heart not to be so cold and vote to pass gay marriage laws in their states.

You might have scoffed at that last statement if we share the same opinion on gay marriage. I’m not gonna lie, I know it’s far-fetched to think that alllllllll those people out there fighting against gay marriage will suddenly have a change of heart.


I saw something today that put my heart at ease. Out of the 95 friends I have on Facebook, I have not seen a single status update or share that speaks negatively of gay marriage. Not a single one. And trust me people, there are some friends on my page that I thought for sure would have their claws out today. In fact, there a few folks on my FB that I can count on 99.9% of the time to respectfully disagree with me on political issues. I like that about them, and they too.. were quiet.

I know, 95 friends on Facebook is kinda loserish. I keep it that way for a reason, believe me. And by the way, fuck you for noticing. And on a side note, why do I care? Am I really still typing in this box? Why are you still reading? Get back to the blog post for crap sake.

Today, however.. even after all the memes I shared supporting gay marriage in one way or another (be it funny or serious), I got not one single negative comment on any of them. Not only that, but there was nothing on my news feed indicating that anyone I’m friends with opposes gay marriage rights.

That, my friends.. is encouraging.

This should not be an issue of the left VS the right… the God-less versus the God-fearing… we are talking about our fellow human beings here. Act like it.

2 thoughts on “A group of people inspired me today.

  1. It continues today! I noticed that many of my friends are fighting online battles with THEIR friends and the battles seem to be mostly religious in nature. I won’t go on with how I feel about that.. but I’m happy to see that we are playing for the same team!

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