Little Things:

I’m not a fancy kinda lady, at all. I don’t like big extravagant gifts or random flowers being delivered to my work. In fact, those things make me cringe because I try to be as practical and frugal as possible. Those are good characteristics to have if you are always broke, like I am. So I prefer the little things… those are what make me happy. Here are some of my recent from the past couple of days:

  • When my fiancé returned home from his bachelor party weekend yesterday afternoon, he made dinner (and it was delicious) so that I didn’t have to last night.
  • My daughter is going to a “spring break slumber party” tonight. READ: Free childcare all night in the middle of the week!
  • I forgot to bring the leftovers I ate for lunch yesterday home, which meant that they were still here for me to eat today. Bonus points for this lazy chick.
  • Since our local school district is county-wide, when they are on spring break traffic is almost non-existent. I live in the DC area. This is actually a HUGE little thing!
  • A coworker that likes the same Chai Latte k-cups is on vacation this week, so they are all mine. Haha bitch!
  • My daughter woke up and wrote down observations for her science fair project without being told this morning.
  • My fiancé did all of his laundry at the hotel where he stayed this weekend so I didn’t get it dumped on me.
  • He even emptied the dishwasher last night.
  • And changed the cat’s litter box.

Did I mention that my daughter is going away tonight? As in, she will be gone by the time I get home from work. I don’t have to make her dinner, don’t have to get her showered, don’t have to entertain her… nothing. I love my kid dearly but DAMN do I love a night off just as much!!


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