You stupid, spineless, keyboard warrior FREAK!

I have many pet peeves…. many. Among my top 5 most hated: Passive-Agressive people. Stupid, spineless, keyboard warrior freaks. I’ve been dealing with one at work this week who is not an employee of our company, but rather a friend of the boss’ wife who used to work for us and is slowly being weeded out through reduced responsibilities (on a sub-contract type level). About the only thing she does now is check our website for mistakes and occasionally proof-read documents. Unfortunately for her, now my company has ME and I’m a young, tech savvy, detail oriented person. Type A all the way. I’ve been proof-reading and editing since I came on board because my colleagues recognized immediately that I was good at it… are you following? Even less need to keep Passive Aggressive Bitch on the payroll.

Nobody likes her. Not even the boss. She only stays around to keep from making waves with the old lady, I get it. Politics and shit. HOWEVER – I do not play well with these passive agressive keyboard warriors because… I’m much too straightforward to do their little dance. So for your viewing entertainment, some email exchanges:

Amanda – so nice to talk with you!

Ok – for grins and giggles as the saying goes, please see if you can open / view the    7a   version. On my system it’s ugly.  Scroll up & down and see if it looks bizarre.

Look forward to working with you!

Passive Agressive Bitch*


Hi Passive Agressive Bitch*,

Version 7a does not look “bizarre.” I think the biggest concern right now is ensuring that the document can be filled out & saved by the applicants. In the Nitro PDF program I am using to edit the document, I do not have the Advanced/Extended features available (nor do I have Acrobat).



if the  -7a   version looked good….

Then perhaps you don’t need to do as much!

If it really works ok, …  ?

On pg 6, see if in item 21, there’s a field for  name    and a field for  principal applicant name.

Very interesting.   But I do hate when computers don’t work.

So nice to “meet” you!

Passive Agressive Bitch*

I said the 7a version looked fine. She obviously thought I was making this shit up… so..

(screen shot of document)

Above is how it looks using Adobe Reader X, below is in the “editing” view. All looks perfectly fine to me, I’m going to use version 7a because you had more changes made to it.

(screen shot of document)


Oh very interesting, Amanda!   Thanks!

So I can’t believe what I see on the screen.   Humph!

And yes, much less will have to be done, you’re correct.

Passive Aggressive Bitch*

PS: Was thinking about the Locks.  Not sure if the locks really have to be done.   Afterall – if someone has Acrobat, they can open the file anyhow.

My first exchanges with this woman ever and already I can tell that when she realizes she’s wrong, she looks for something else to be right about. After a long string of emails later, the Director that this document is being created for jumped in as we were testing it’s functionality.

One problem solved…   I upgraded to Adobe reader X and now have the document so it can be saved after filling it out.   SO we need to make sure the insturcutions tell them to have Adobe Reader X or higher.   (Adobe Reader is currently up to XI)



Hmmm….  Is that necessary?  We’ve been doing the  Extend Features in Acrobat Reader  function for years and it’s been fine!

I was thinking of using my mom’s (Win XP and probably not the latest Acrobat) as a test computer to see if that “Sign” text showed up for her.

Passive Agressive Bitch*

“Like, OMG – you don’t want to do it MY way?!?!”

Passive Aggressive Bitch*,

Director and I discussed the sign option using Adobe Reader 10 (X) or higher and she agreed that it would be a more intuitive way for applicants to electronically sign and save the form. Fortunately, Reader upgrades are free and quick to download and I would be able to assist anyone needing help with that process when the time comes.




aack – something happened to bloat out the size!  It’s now a megabyte!

Previously had been a nice small size.

I’ve seen this happen when using a font type / font size that’s not part of its core.  (took me a while to figure that out, believe me!)

My file list had the original at 600KB but after I edited in Adobe it was just over 100KB.

Passive Aggressive Bitch*  :-)

Again, her idea got shut down so now she’s bitching about something else. At this point, I was ready to find this woman and put her out of MY misery.

Later…. in this never-ending saga…

if you need my brain but not my fingers in next couple hours…

You can call my cell ***-***-****.   I don’t always hear the ring but will check it periodically.

I’ll be at lunch with a client and then have an errand.

Back at keyboard by 3, I’d think.

Just got your updated file, Amanda!   Sorry can’t cancel my lunch appt with client.

Passive Aggressive Bitch*

Does she really think she is this important?

Obviously no need to cancel your lunch appointment. Director did not like the font size set to auto because that allows the text to shrink when you continue typing in the boxes. I’ve changed them back to font size 12 for all fields to ensure they are only able to type in the space allowed.

Director is testing my latest version, and if she does not find any issues then the file will be posted to our website. When you’re able to do the extend feature (I will send you the final document for that), we’ll replace that on the website and be completely done with it.


Seriously? Take a fucking hint sweetheart, you are no longer needed on this project!!!!!

Hi, Director & Amanda.

1. The one you sent in this message works well.

But in your next msg to me you say you changed them so they’re limited……… Would you like me to review it?  I can try a couple pieces of realistic data in the form for size.

2.  Have you tested the “SIGN” feature?

   a.  It means the document can NOT be edited again!  At least on my system.  Yours?

Since these applications are often sent from person to person within the organizations, you may be getting panic calls.

Passive Aggressive Bitch*


We have been working on this all afternoon. Please see attached for the most updated copy with the field fonts set to 12. They can abbreviate where need be. It would be helpful for you to do the “Extend” feature to the attached document to see if that solves the save problem, then it should be ready to go live.

Thank you!

Do what the hell I asked you to do and GO AWAY!!!!

OH MY!  Will mysteries never cease.

The file size is now the size of a video!   5 MB.

Sure, Amanda!   I’ll run this through a quick test and send it back to you with the Extended features on.

Passive Aggressive Bitch*  :-)


Here you go!  :-)

I am mildly concerned about the 16 character limit on Title, and 21 character limit on Organization.

It will be interesting to see how confused people get with the SIGN thing and the slightly different instructions in the doc regarding signing.

Since I wont be getting the phone calls from any potentially stressed people, perhaps I’m overstepping my role here.  If so, I offer my apologies!

Passive Aggressive Bitch*  :-)

Got what I needed and completely peaced out of that 3 ring fucking circus. I drank last night. A lot.

TGIF and shit!


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