Moshi Monsters Hair Stuff Holder

That’s actually the technical term, “Hair Stuff Holder.” We used to have a problem in my daughter’s bathroom: plastic bags and random Tupperware containers trying desperately to keep her hair stuff organized (pony tail holders, head bands, clips, ribbons, fake hair extensions, etc.) So while browsing Pinterest one day, I came across a much more elaborate version of what you’re about to see. I wasn’t willing to go out and buy fancy craft materials so this is what I used:

1 CD spindle lid (the circular thing blank CDs come on)

1 large sheet of construction paper

1 Moshi Monsters Magazine (an old subscription she wouldn’t freak out about me cutting up)

Scissors, Glue (I used Tacky because we were out of Elmers)

1 Dab of patience, 1 Sprinkle of creativity

Okay, ready for the super important complicated steps?


  • Step 1: Wrap the construction paper around the lid, trace along the edge to know where to cut
  • Step 2: Unwrap the construction paper, cut along the line you traced
  • Step 4: Dribble some glue along one edge of the paper, place the lid onto it, wrap it up, glue the other end of the paper to it
  • Step 5: Cut out ridiculously cute little monster creatures that fit your kid’s fancy
  • Step 6: Glue the cut-outs onto the construction paper that is now glued to the lid
  • Step 7: Write something on it, or don’t.
Fill it with Hair Stuff
Slap some head bands on it.

 And Ta-Da! All done.

My daughter went through the roof when she saw this, and because she enjoys it so much – she has actually kept her hair stuff on and inside of it. Score 1 for Mom, score 0 for messy bathroom cabinet.


*Update: I first created this post over a year ago… and she still uses it and it is STILL keeping all her crap organized!!


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