My Dad broke up with me.

I don’t know where the hell you get off telling me “Let me make this easy for you, we have no intentions of coming to your wedding.”  You’re my fucking DAD – and you’re going to skip out on my wedding, on purpose? Your reasons sound more like pathetic, immature excuses.. so save your shit for someone with “DUMBASS” written on their forehead. That douche in the mirror might believe you, but this bitch does not.

You say that I’ve made it perfectly clear how I feel about you and “number 3” as you so lovingly referred to my step mother. I find that disturbing since I LOVE my step mother and have never spoken negatively about the fact that she’s the third woman you’ve married. That would be YOUR issue, not hers. Moving on… you think that because we hang out for one weekend then you don’t hear from me for months that I am treating you like shit.

Please. Grow. Some. BALLS.

If you actually knew me, you would know that is exactly how I operate. With my friends, with my other family… with everyone. I have too much shit going on in my life to “check in” with you often and take the 2+ hour drive to Delaware to visit you more than once every few months. By the way, we have NEVER had the type of relationship that we talk and visit often. Oh, and fuck you for using that as an excuse to skip my WEDDING! Me, your ONLY daughter! Oldest of your 4 children (or do you consider it 2 kids now, since you wrote my 25 & 18-year-old brothers off years ago?)

Actually, let’s stop there for a second. You wrote off two of your children. You said, either literally – implied – or in your fucked up little brain: I’m not your Dad anymore, get out of my life.

The fact that you haven’t killed yourself yet is amazing to me. I’m not sure how a man can live with himself and literally not care about 2 (now 3) of his children just because they pissed him off UNINTENTIONALLY. Do you think we sit around thinking of ways to piss Dad off? Do you think we find it funny when you go off on your little shit fits and call us up drunk talking crazy nonsense and trying to make us feel guilty for all of YOUR shortcomings?

No, no we don’t do that. Instead, we don’t talk about you at all. Because it hurts, that’s why. Anytime I bring you up in conversation to my 25-year-old brother, he cuts me off – doesn’t even want to hear it. Because it still stings for him to think about how you dumped him a few years ago. The 18-year-old one? Well, since you adopted him when he was 3 years old then literally re-nigged your father status when you divorced his mom, he couldn’t give two shits about you.

Me? I’m torn. I want to call you up, cuss you out and tell you what the fuck I think about you as a person. Not even as a father, because you are NOT a father. My 16-year-old brother that still lives with you will learn too, soon enough. Your caring and compassion are only skin deep. Anything requiring a real effort or sacrifice on your part – you’re gone. So it makes sense that you would “break up” with me right before my wedding, of all things.

Did you worry I might not want you to walk me down the aisle? Well, you’re right about that. I already asked my 25-year-old brother to do it because he is closer to my heart than you ever were.

Were you afraid I would hit you up for money to help pay for the wedding? You’re a dumbass, I already knew that would never be an option. My mother is basically paying for the whole thing. Cause she knew you wouldn’t go into your pockets either. However you told my 16-year-old brother that you’ll buy a car for him at the end of this school year. That’s fair huh?

Have you been sweating about seeing my entire family, and some of yours? Worried that people might give you dirty looks or cold shoulders? You should be. And they probably would, if you were coming. There’s a good reason that people snub you – you’re a fucking dickhead. You seem to be the only one  that doesn’t realize that.

Skipping out on my wedding is unforgivable, something that you can never take back.

Skipping out on your granddaughter’s life because you have a problem with me? Something that will haunt you for the rest of your life. Don’t let me ever run into you somewhere, I will fucking make you cry cause you’re a…



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