Doing it right.

This morning, Little J and I walked to her classroom to deliver her science fair project before heading into the before-school care room. It was a proud moment indeed. I can’t remember the last time she was this excited about something.. she was practically coming out of her skin talking about how she was going to present it to her class and that only 5 other kids did projects and she’s SURE hers is the best!

Seeing her glowing over her own work made my heart grow 10 sizes this morning. Sure, I helped her throughout the course of the project – but this is her brainchild. The experiment turned out exactly the way it was supposed to, the presentation board looks amazing, and it was all done in time for the science fair tonight with minimal stress or frustration.

My friends, I am doing this Mommy thing right. Little J loves school, loves to learn, loves to read, loves working on projects, loves writing, loves history, science and art… she’s such a brilliant child. I don’t really give a fuck what the school system says, she should have been selected for the advanced academic classes for 3rd grade next year. But I didn’t push the issue because I’m not that kind of mom. Sure, I will advocate for her until I’m blue in the face when appropriate but I won’t force her into a program that she didn’t automatically qualify for because there must be some reason that she didn’t automatically qualify. Right?

I digress.

My point is that along the way, I’ve been doing the right things at the right times. The evidence of these choices I see daily when she has yet another day of “green” behavior and another “perfect” score on a test. I’m bragging, get over it. My blog, my kid, my right to boast. I guess I care so much because I had her when I was 19.. and I don’t think anyone (even myself) had high hopes for her future. I was a mess.

Look at us now!


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