Confession: I’m a cheater.

I know.. I bet you didn’t see that coming, right? I mean such a wholesome and lovely individual as myself would never be so dirty to do something like cheat. I’m so sorry to disappoint, but I am now officially a CHEATER!

Last night, somewhere in the wee hours between 11pm and 2am, I snuck out. I rolled out of bed with as little squeaking from the metal frame as possible, slid into my slippers, and tip toed down the hall. There I found it, calling to me so seductively.. whispering a dare that I couldn’t resist taking…..

That stupid fucking kitchen is such a home wrecker.

So I dove right in because I have ZERO willpower. And I’m sick and fucking tired of being hungry all the time.. my fiancé has me eating 5 small meals and exercising twice a day. It’s too much man! My body was like, fuck this shit I’m taking over!! I had a snack sampler consisting of two large handfuls a few Triscuits, half a bag of microwave butter popcorn, a couple Milano cookies and a big ol’ cup of sugary sweet iced tea. Fatty girl, right? At freakin’ midnight no less, when I’m not supposed to be eating anything at all!!!

UGHHHHHHHHHHHHH. Then this morning I was SO sore and SO tired and felt SO gross from eating that crap last night, I didn’t even exercise. J woke me up, as he has promised to do, and I literally cussed him out and went back to sleep.

Are you following? Not only did I CHEAT on my diet in the middle of the night like a whore, but I also CHEATED on my exercise plan this morning! I’m going to hell in a hand basket, or some shit like that. It’s fucking 80some degrees today so guess what, I have no intentions of RUNNING either! It would literally happen over my dead body, because I ran in the heat yesterday evening and I was thisclose to being a dead body. So to compromise with my failing self, I will do 30 minutes of Wii Zumba when I get home.


If I feel like it.


4 thoughts on “Confession: I’m a cheater.

  1. Be grateful you have someone around to keep you in line! I keep trying the diet and exercise thing based purely on my own willpower, and it is SOOO easy to talk yourself into letting yourself cheat. Good for you for not giving up completely!!

    • I am extremely grateful… if it weren’t for J this wouldn’t be happening at all. He is also the reason that I buy more fresh fruits and veggies and wheat bread and brown rice instead of the dyed stuff. He’s definitely a keeper :)

  2. First: Don’t feel bad. Falling off the wagon happens. It’s normal.
    Second: Don’t deny yourself the things you like, at least not completely. That’s why diets fail. Because you don’t get to eat the things you like. So the best thing to do is to allow yourself some of the things you like, but just in smaller doses than you might normally. That way you’re still being good and rewarding yourself at the same time.
    Finally: You have to keep up with the exercise. I know, it’s the hardest part, but it’s the part that will help you truly lose the weight because dieting alone won’t. But I think you know that. ;)

    You can do it!

    • You always have the best advice, thank you for being so supportive! I did end up exercising (“Just Sweat” on Just Dance 4 for 30 minutes) and felt great afterwards. It’s the mornings that are proving to be near impossible.. mostly because I HATE waking up earlier than I have two and partly because I can’t muster enough motivation to move around and sweat that much before 7am. I’m going to keep trying though! As my fiancé keeps saying, doing it sometimes or doing it poorly is better than not doing it at all!!!

      And on the food thing, unfortunately my most favorite thing to eat in the world are any kind of chips – a terrible thing to eat when dieting from what I understand :( That didn’t stop me from enjoying some Crab flavored chips last night though LOL

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