My daughter is in a tree.

I’m pretty sure that’s the most clever title I’ve ever coined! I knew that I wanted to write this post about a number of different things, but was lacking a unifying theme for a title. So I looked around me, noticed my daughter was hanging from a tree, and BAM! Here we are.

Even though I loathe apartment living, I must say that we have some pretty nice perks at this place. One of which is my front row seat to the playground:

My daughter is the pink blurs in the center of the shot.

My daughter is the pink blur in the center of the shot.

Our apartment is on the back of our building which is directly above a little park area. When the weather is nice, my [only child] daughter looks out of the patio door often to see if any kids she knows are down there.  Luckily, there is a stairwell outside of our front door that acts as a fire escape for the back of the building. The only caveat is that it’s locked from the outside, so she has to prop the door open to get back in (luckily, this has not caused any issue yet).

I love this arrangement because I can do whatever I want inside and simply open a window to hear the kids. A quick peek every few minutes to make sure she’s still alive lets me be almost kid-free! Those of you in cute little suburban neighborhoods with backyards and cul-de-sacs should know that this is a HUGE luxury for an apartment dweller.

Usually you can’t see much of the great outdoors, let alone have a kid’s play area in viewing range!  So I’m sitting here clicking away at the keyboard on my patio because it’s a beautiful day, and I can see/call to my kid. Bonus: I’m drinking a beer because IT’S A BEAUTIFUL DAY!! Oh, and it’s Friday :) I know I’ve been working hard to diet and exercise all week but fuck that, I’m enjoying some beer tonight.

I deserve it because I’ve been busting my ass at work all week too. We have two completely separate events happening next week near our office. I’m the administrative assistant so I get the awesome job of collecting, manipulating and printing materials. I also get to have signs made, create my own print materials, research senators/representatives, prepare the main event’s presentations and gather EVERYTHING that needs to be there in one central place in my office.

I am exhausted.

So I will enjoy this fucking beer, thank you very much! I am SO tired that I begged my daughter not to go to a baseball game tonight. It might seem weird that I let her make that decision, but it’s the only way she can see my fiancé on weeknights these days. Somehow, his baseball games and her soccer practices seem to be occurring on the same nights.. She consented so now I get to sit home and be lazy, I’m not even cooking! We’re going to take a little walk to Subway in a little while for a tuna sub and personal pizza.

That’s what I call an awesome fuckin’ Friday. Hope y’all are enjoying yours too!


7 thoughts on “My daughter is in a tree.

      • It’s probably because you can walk to them. You need to just drive a little farther and you will find a nice Jimmy John’s and your daughter won’t have to be subjected to their scariness. It is going to be my mission to get you to quit that place.

          • I’m pretty sure that when you try to it, you will stop being crazy and stop going to Subway. Otherwise you will melt yours and your daughter’s brain. If you really care about her….

          • I feel like I have finally been invited into a secret club, only to realize that no one is even at the club anymore. I’m speaking of your old blog of course. Awesome as it is be invited, nothing was there. I am so bitter now. Oh well, not everyone is cool enough to be able to read your old blog. :(

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