It’s been a pretty fucked up week.

Bombing at the Boston Marathon, a failed attempt to poison our President with Ricin, suspicious packages in Senate buildings, a bill to require background checks for gun sales failed, insane explosion at a fertilizer plant in TX, massive manhunt for the remaining Boston bombing suspect….

What the fuck, America?

And hey – Boston PD – can you catch that mother fucker already so that the residents there can stop shitting their pants???

A longer, better thought out post to follow later…. need more coffee and to keep obsessively looking at pictures/video/news of this manhunt in Boston… and looking at pictures/video/news of the damage that the fertilizer plant explosion caused…. there will be no working at my desk today.

Stay tuned.


3 thoughts on “It’s been a pretty fucked up week.

  1. Hello, Write, just wanted you to know that I did a blog today and linked various blogs that I liked and you were on there. So you should see an negative downtick on people visiting. Just thought you should know the bad news.

  2. Right Ben! I get so sick and tired of work getting in the way of my blogging. There is so much writing and reading and watching to do today that I was THISCLOSE to calling out “sick”. You know… sick in the head.

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