Parenting: Guerilla Warfare Style

It’s been a fun day around these parts so far. I’m using the word fun loosely here. By fun I mean that I just had a half hour-long episode with little J. She has this issue where she’ll choose something, then change her mind, then once I’ve switched gears for the change, she defers back to her original choice.


So many times I have told her that she can’t change her mind then change it back again. It’s unfair for me, and of course, it’s annoying as shit. A little while ago I turned the TV off and told her to get ready for a shower. As I was getting it set up for her, she came running in and begged instead for a bubble bath! Being in a good mood, I changed it to a bath and started adding bubbles.

Then she changed her mind and wanted a shower instead.

Oh hell no! I told her I had enough of her doing that to me and that she was taking a bath, period. Holyyyyyy shiiiiit. You would have thought that I gnawed her arm off with my teeth or something. She was blubbering (as in, extremely exaggerated crying) and complaining and borderline screaming that she didn’t want a bath. Then it was all about proving a point for me.

I wanted her to really understand what a pain in the ass she can be and that throwing a fit doesn’t get you what you want. She’s 8 for christ sake, get it together kid! So I stood my ground and she made it the most miserable 30 minutes of my life. But I stuck with it, and even smacked her ass at one point for going overboard with her smartass mouth.

Guerilla Warfare in her bathroom, basically.

I won.

Mom always wins, sucka!


13 thoughts on “Parenting: Guerilla Warfare Style

  1. Hah, too funny. Have a 5 year old Grand daughter now and each time I pick her up I watch her do this routine with mom (and watch mom slowly tear more and more of her hair out) and when we finally get into the car for our day at the park or whatever we’re doing, it of course turns out to be ‘I don’t want to go to the park’ or ‘not that park’, ‘no, the other one’… no not that other one… the OTHER one (and so on..) I feels your pain.

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