You will never be prepared, get over it.

Since last Monday, I have been itching to write this post. I’ve plotted, researched, found pictures to compliment it… I just haven’t actually written it. I couldn’t decide which way to spin my thoughts… just give a general run down on recent events and supply a shitty summary of the common fuckedupness of said events? Do I turn it into a tribute to all the victims? How about my just-below-the-surface conspiracy theorist… do I let her out of her cage? No. None of those angles felt right.

Instead, I am just going to tell you that you can never, ever be totally prepared. It’s not possible. And what the fuck am I talking about anyway, right? Let me show you the pictures I’ve gathered and you tell me if you can figure it out:

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What’s the theme here? Tragedy, murder, disaster, devastation. All the things that as a country we love to hate and hate to love. We mourn the dead, we cry in rage for justice to be brought down on the heads of those responsible, we hang flags and make pictures and show our support through Facebook shares and maybe a small donation to the Red Cross here and there. We want ANSWERS! We always want to know the Who & the Why. The Who so that we know where to direct all that rage, and the Why so that we can be prepared next time, change some laws, start a war, make everyone safer. Right?

I won’t get into the political side of this issue here, but I will just say that I am a supporter of stricter gun control laws and was disappointed to see the bill mandating background checks for gun sales get shot down last week (pun intended).  However, I think that such a bill should have been introduced a LONG time ago, because when is it ever a BAD idea to gather information on someone who is wanting to own a weapon? I digress. My point is that passing laws as a direct reaction to one of these horrific events is not always the way to go, and certainly won’t prevent the next one from happening.

Elementary schools, movie theaters, random locations within a specific geographic area, sporting events, office buildings, high schools, homes, colleges…. people have been killed at all of these places in recent history. All of those thousands of victims woke up on the morning of their death thinking it would be just another day. Routine, normal… never expecting that some crazed lunatic or erratic weather pattern would actually be ending their lives. Now let me ask you, how did you feel when you woke up this morning? Safe? Secure? Like today is not going to be the last day of your life? Can you be ABSOLUTELY sure about that?

I can’t.

I don’t know if when I go to the park later today, there won’t be some deranged psycho looking to kill people. I can’t be 100% certain that when I send my 8-year-old daughter to school tomorrow, that it won’t be shot up for some random reason. The next storm that heads our way could actually be the one with tornadoes in it, unlike the storm we had Friday night. Oh, and I live/work in the DC area so there’s always the threat of someone attacking our Nation’s Capitol and my family becoming collateral damage. You never really do know when and where the next tragedy will strike. Which city will be next on the list of those we need to “Pray For.” How do I prepare for EVERYTHING?

Of course you know the answer is you can’t – I think we’re all painfully aware that you can’t stay holed up at home hoping, wishing and praying that all the bad stuff hits the house next door to you instead. The answer is not to carry around a gun and shoot the next person that looks at you funny because it was a threatening kind of funny look. You can’t move every few weeks when there is a scary storm forecast for your area. You can’t shut out the entire world because there are killers out there… you just can’t. Not if you want to be a functioning member of society. [Although if you don’t want to be a functioning member of society, doesn’t that make you one of the bad guys? Hold please while I grab my pitch fork and hunt you down!!]

You have to get your ass up, go out there into your daily life, and hope for the best. Yes, HOPE for the best. Because I don’t believe that any of your Gods will save you from impending doom the next time it strikes – then there wouldn’t be any dead people to mourn! Crass, I know… I deal with grief through humor so go fuck yourself. I’m grieving for the amputee victims of the Boston Marathon Bombing because every single day for the rest of their lives will be the most blatant reminder that some shithead blew their legs off. Not humorous.

Anyway, I think I have made my point crystal clear. I wanted to write this post because in the coming weeks we will hear cries for immigration reform due to the ethnicity of the bombing suspects, which is typical for America. I get so disgusted with this great nation of ours sometimes… this will be another one of those times. Changing immigration laws is not going to prevent the next tragedy, but I guess it will help some egocentric Americans sleep better at night so hey, let’s make a big fuss about it! Home of the Brave my ass.


7 thoughts on “You will never be prepared, get over it.

  1. I just read your comment again, and another thought comes to mind: Perhaps some of this EXCESS rage stems from the fact that when we have the mass tragedies, the bad guy always dies too. It’s “unfulfilling” because we never get those answers directly, just speculation from investigators. In this case, he’s actually alive and the masses still have someone to point and shake their finger at… He would have been better off dead than at the hands of angry Americans.

  2. I got something out of this that I don’t think you intended…. tragedy strikes us (“us” as in the unsuspecting public) from many angles, and many sources. I don’t mean to downplay the horror of the Boston bombings by any means, but it by far is not the only dastardly deed that has made victims out of many innocent people. War, street crime, domestic abuse, reckless driving, the list goes on…..

    I guess what I’m trying to get around to is how shocked I’ve been at the absolute driving HATRED I’ve seen directed toward the last surviving Boston bomber, by people who are typically pro-equality, anti-war, anti-gun, etc etc. Not to say I want to see him go walking free, but no miranda rights? Hang him at dawn and hold a parade? Media attention aside, how is he worse than a serial killer?

    Like I said, I know that’s not what you meant, but I just had to throw this in, because it has REALLY been bothering me….

    • Actually, I SINCERELY appreciate this other angle you just shed light on for me… the whole thing has not been sitting right with me since last Monday. I completely agree with you that this situation has been over sensationalized by our LOVELY media outlets and even downplayed the simultaneous TX tragedy in doing so. Because a manhunt for a live suspect is more exciting than the hunt for dead bodies. Makes me sick. Thank you, again.

      • Whew, I’m glad I didn’t just make you mad! It’s been bothering me more and more… I think what’s bothered me most is seeing people who are usually way level-headed going and foaming at the mouth about this. Your blog entry helped me piece it together more, so thank you in return!

  3. I pretty much agree. 1. we can’t be prepared for all the tragedies that will happen so just keep living. 2. Every time one happens there are people who over react and try to enact laws that counteract them. 3. No amount of laws will counteract the randomness of these tragedies.

    • Exactly. I don’t have the answer on how to prevent stuff like that from happening but I do know that we could all stand to be a little more aware of our surroundings and to be as compassionate as we are during a tragedy on a daily basis. After all this dies down the loving each other shit will go back to apathy.

      • To me, some people are shallow until something like this happens, then all of sudden they are telling Boston that they have been in love with them since last week. To me, I like to remain consistently apathetic and bitter at all times, instead of just in time of crisis and tragedy.

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