Random Acts of Kindness

*Note: This is another post from my old blog. While I’m on such a warm & fuzzy theme today I thought it would be the perfect time to share this with you! Enjoy :)

Today my daughter and I set out to make the world a better place, one smile at a time. During a routine walk to the store (we live behind a busy shopping center) we noticed that there was a substantial amount of trash on the ground, which royally pissed my munchkin off. She is part of a generation that considers recycling to be a requirement, not an option. We got into a conversation about how it’s our responsibility as people to take care of the planet.. then a light bulb lit up in my head!

I remembered something I saw on Pinterest that was really inspiring about doing kind things for others and our plan was born! We made a list of nice things we could do for our neighbors, our neighborhood, and the surrounding area. Of course this was not my pay-weekend, so I had to creatively come up with a way to do these things without spending any money. I was surprised to see little J getting as excited as I was about what we were planning to do!

I’m so very proud to bring you our Random Acts of Kindness:

1. Secretly deliver Girl Scout cookies. Being the cookie mom, I ended up buying lots of extra boxes at the end of our sale this past year. We picked out 6 boxes making sure to avoid the chocolate ones that would melt quickly and put them into brown paper bags. The first one went to our neighbors across the hall that have 2 little girls, the second went into our mailbox as a gift to our mail carrier. Little J took the other 4 and put them in front of random doors in the 2 buildings next to ours.

2. Pick up trash. Lacking gloves, we used plastic grocery bags over our hands to pick up every piece of litter we saw during our “Mission.”

3. Hand out lollipops. We grabbed every lollipop out of little J’s candy jar and put them in a ziplock bag. We walked to the shopping center and gave them out to every kid that we saw.

4. Leave nice notes on random cars. I used sticky notes and wrote things like, “Have you smiled yet today?” “Remember, you are loved!” “Hug yourself, you’re awesome!” and “Have a wonderful day!” We walked through the parking lot and put the notes on about 10 driver-side door handles.


5. Give away free lemonade. I made a pitcher of (store brand) lemonade and gathered every throw-away cup I could find. My daughter made a sign (using the back of her science fair presentation board) saying, “Free lemonade! Honk if you love to smile!” We took out a little table and she suggested grabbing the leftover lollipops too.


6. Hand out freeze pops at the pool. We packed up a bunch in a lunch box with ice packs and walked them down to our neighborhood pool. I even thought to bring scissors to cut the tops off for the kids!

7. Leave change at a vending machine. We put $2 in quarters in a little baggie and taped it to a soda machine just outside of the pool. On the bag I wrote, “Please enjoy this random act of kindness!”

Not only did we make a lot of people smile today, we also took a 2 hour walk and had really great conversations together. It was an absolutely fantastic day! While handing out lollipops in the grocery store, a pleasantly surprised mom asked us why we were giving them away. I had already told little J we would probably be asked this question so she promptly answered, “we’re doing random acts of kindness!” As we were walking away I heard the mom explaining to her daughters what that means. That was a really great feeling.

When we were giving away lemonade a police officer pulled up in front of us. At first I thought he was going to shut our operation down, instead he asked why the lemonade was free – then insisted on giving us $3 as well! I’m usually not a big fan of cops, so that really made my heart smile. We also had the pleasure of making an older man’s day that was walking down the sidewalk. We ended up making $10 through our protests to accept money which we are putting aside to fund another Random Act of Kindness Day.

At the pool, we only found a mom and three boys.. one of which was a toddler. The two older boys happily accepted the freeze pop offer and the mom asked if she could have one for the little guy as well. When she walked over to us, I realized her youngest son has downs syndrome – another gratifying moment. After all was said and done little J invited the girls across the hall over and was so excited to tell them all about our adventure, I couldn’t have been more proud.

My cheeks hurt from smiling and I can’t wait to do this again! So tell me, have you smiled today? <3

3 thoughts on “Random Acts of Kindness

      • I went and killed some bees and one of them almost stung me. So bitter about that. Left my stack of crap at work and decided to piss off Monday Bitter Ben, by leaving him a lot of work, that Friday Bitter Ben didn’t want to do. Bitter Ben speaks in third person a lot.

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