Stuff I Love

Good morning fellow internet dwellers! I think I found the “right” side of the bed today… because I feel really great :) Let me back up, I feel really great AND I drank a whole bottle of wine last night! No hangover – TA-DA! (Or maybe I’m just still drunk? … the verdict is still out)

After rereading the post I wrote yesterday, I really got to thinking about how many things I say “I hate” just because I’m lazy or easily annoyed. I’ve been doing a massive amount of bitching on this blog since it’s birth last month so I thought it would be nice to take a moment to share with you all the things I love instead. If you read my blog because it’s fucking all over the place and generally negative in tone – you’ll probably want to skip this one ;)

Stuff I love (in no particular order):

  • My job. Even though the administrative assistant title bothers me, I cannot deny that I am in the best organization I have EVER worked for. My coworkers are genuinely good people who get along famously, the boss is kind and understanding, the work is easy, and the members (our “customers”) are a lot of fun! I get to travel, get pampered and get paid for doing it all. Love it.

  • My fiancé. Yes, there are many times that he pisses me off so bad I contemplate shoving him off our 3rd story balcony… but I really do love him a lot. He puts up with a lot of shit from me and has stood by me through some tough times in our lives. He takes care of my daughter the same way that I would and loves me unconditionally. He even cooks, does laundry & OCCASIONALLY cleans (after much nagging prompting from me).
  • Little J. Duh. I don’t just love her because she’s my kid…. I love her because she’s a great kid. She is such a beautiful little person (inside & out) that I really can’t believe she’s mine sometimes! I am so fortunate that her health has always been good and that she’s made parenting so much easier than it might have been. Plus she has been my little side kick for the past 8 years, there’s something to be said for that!

True story: I was fucking tired.

  • Warm, sunny days. To me there are very few things better than having the car windows all the way down and the music all the way up! I love singing at the top of my lungs with my hand brushing along the breeze. I love it even better when people look at me funny :)
  • Subway Tuna Sandwiches. With pepper jack cheese, [not toasted], lettuce, olives, jalapeños, banana peppers, chipotle southwest sauce, salt, pepper & oregano. I mean come on…. can we say fucking delish?
  • J’s baseball games. Of the 3 sports he coaches (football, wrestling, baseball) – baseball is my favorite. He’s the head coach for the JV team so the games are never crazy crowded like the other 2 can be, the parents are super nice and always say hi to Little J and I, it’s obviously the best season to be hanging around outside, and we can actually SEE J coach which is really fun! I mean, we can see him coaching with wrestling too but I can’t get past the little unitard things the boys wear. It disturbs me to see them rubbing their bodies all over each other… Ew. For football he stands on top of the press box so we have to break our necks to get a glimpse. We go to a lot of high school sporting events.

JV Baseball

  • Little J’s school. Even though the events are always massively crowded, it warms my heart to know that we are part of a community that is actively involved in their children’s education. We found ourselves a true gem and I’m glad we have things to take part in often!
  • Rollercoasters. They are fucking AWESOME!!!! Even the kid likes them which makes them awesomer!
  • Being right. Okay I had to sneak this one in there… you can’t deny that feeling when you tell someone something and they try to say you’re wrong but you KNOW you’re right then they find out you’re right and have to admit it. That feeling rocks.

So you see, dear readers. I’m not all piss and fire over here. But don’t get used to this lovey dovey stuff cause now that I’m being a nicer person in real life I have a feeling I’ll be on my blog bitching more!!! Aren’t you lucky?


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5 thoughts on “Stuff I Love

  1. All this happiness is making me a little bitter. I think I am on the opposite side of your coin especially today. Last night I got a Jimmy John’s country club and couldn’t stand how good it was. I love rollercoasters too, but haven’t got kids that like them yet and am a little bitter about that too.

    • Then hop on over to the Stuff I Hate one again. That should make you feel bitterly better :) Happy Friday to you anyway! Does it make you bitter that I’ll get to enjoy it first since I’m on the East coast???

      • It makes me want to jam a Jimmy John’s tuna sandwich with onions all over in your face. Yes, freakin east coast people. I’m also bitter that you like your job. You might be the only person I know that likes theirs. Can I work there?

        • HAHAHA!!! That would be so cruel Ben, shoving that crap they call “food” in my face [again]. I just wanted you to know that in 18 minutes I’ll be shutting my computer off, getting into my car and rolling the windows way down with the music way up! And sure, you can work here just move to VA.

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