Saturday morning rage.

Ohhhh people of the internet. I can’t help but think my fiancé woke up this past Monday morning and thought up every single possible way to piss me the fuck off the entire week. I’m typing this to you at 7:03am. I’ve actually been up since 6:25am though, and I don’t think I need to tell you that I HATE waking up early. Especially on weekends.

So why am I up at this ungodly hour? My brilliant J has struck again. As you probably know, he was in an accident on Tuesday so he’s been driving a rental car since then. We live in an apartment complex that has a strict towing policy. Your parking permit (permanent or temporary) must be displayed in the front or back window or it gets towed. Pretty straightforward.

Can you guess where I am going with this? I took Tuesday off work to help J with the various errands involved with an accident, including picking up a temporary parking permit for him. This asshole left the permit tucked in his visor last night instead of putting it on the dashboard so guess where his RENTAL car is right now? Yes, the impound lot – 30 minutes away.

I’m trying hard not to step into the red zone. I can feel the rage bubbling up threatening to ruin our entire day.. but don’t I deserve to be royally pissed off at him? We have to pay $175 to break the car out… and that is added on top of the $500 he is going to owe for the insurance deductible. Oh by the way, all of this went down at 6:30am when I should have been sound asleep. All because he had fucking FOOTBALL practice at 7am.

Why football in April? Cause the high schools around here get “green days” where they can hold a certain number of practices in the off-season. His fucking head coach thought 7am on Saturdays would be best. FUCK THEM ALL!!!!!


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