Shhhhh! I’m hunting wabbits…

I’m actually trying to find a wedding band for under $200 that will look nice with my engagement ring. That used to belong to my great, great, great-grandmother. From Italy. So the engagement ring is gorgeous and the other word I keep thinking to describe it is “quiet” – because it’s not flashy. It’s intricate. Apparently it’s going to be tough to match gorgeous & intricate for under $200. Cause I’m OCD and… they need to MATCH. And I’m broke. Fuck jewelry anyway.

This is why I didn’t wear any jewelry before I strapped this baby on 1.5 years ago. I don’t do dressy, fancy, flashy, attention seeking… My fiancé is one lucky dude, for sure.

Wanna see?

Of course the picture’s shitty. My phone is almost so dead so “the battery cannot be enough to run the camera” as the screen keeps telling me. This photo was from the morning we got engaged, on my 26th birthday. The little bunny in the background has a pouch on its stomach to hold an aromatherapy cushion and that’s where the ring was hiding… sneaky fiancé.

Funny story for you. When I was looking for that picture on my Facebook, the one right next to it was this:



This was from 4 days after we got engaged. I don’t do ironing or house-wife type shit either… so maybe he’s not such a lucky dude?

Either way, I was up until 3am looking at wedding shit online last night and I don’t function well with minimal sleep so I’m feeling a little lot strange & loopy today. Hence this rambling post with no purpose or reason.

Seriously. I just hit “New Post” and started typing. And now I will stop.

Just kidding – first I wanted to say

peace out bitchezzz!!!!

Okay now I’ll stop.


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