Posted in May 2013

Why I will never be a child abductor.

Why I will never be a child abductor.

This past weekend I did a good deed. I selflessly drove 2.5 hours to my best friend’s home in Delaware to stay with her two sons Saturday & Sunday so she could spend a spontaneous weekend in Vegas with her husband. It was a last-minute request by him, he was already there for work – … Continue reading

Fuck you Northern Virginia

The people here are so fucking pretentious walking around with their “better-than-thou” attitudes that I want to fucking punch every single human being in Fairfax County in their THROATS!!!!!!! Back story: Yesterday my sweet little daughter sat on the couch next to me and started bawling her eyes out. When I asked her what was … Continue reading

Hey there Colorado…

Sunday, May 19th. I’m not sure if I should say it’s 11:45pm or 9:45pm. This difference in time, although minute in the big picture, has really thrown me for a loop. Especially because I had a layover in Dallas, TX between DC & CO – so I’ve hung out in 3 time zones today. It’s … Continue reading

Needed: 1 Giggle Inducing Poem

Yesterday was a sad, emotionally draining day. This morning was a rough one with my daughter. (IE: She said she wishes she could have “normal parents” and not one like me who yells and makes her feel bad all the time). I cannot take one more single little awful thing, and my frown can’t get … Continue reading

What does the inside of your mind look like?

Dearest Kid, I love you… so so so much. I can’t imagine what you must be feeling and thinking right now. Do you feel betrayed? Do you feel alone? You must know that we’re not allowed to contact you, otherwise I would. I can’t help but wonder what you’re thinking about today. I don’t know … Continue reading

Helpless Heartbreak.

Heartbreak is something I’m all too familiar with in my 27 years of life. Some of which caused by romantic relationships but more often, by my family relationships instead. You may or may not have read earlier in this blog that I have a now non-existent relationship with my Dad, downgraded from a strained relationship … Continue reading