Fake it till you make it.


I’ve been kicking and screaming, dragging my feet, fighting tooth and nail up until this past Saturday. 4 days ago is when I finally threw in the towel and got my shit together.  It’s been the most miserable and magical 4 days of my life (thanks Taylor Swift… love your lyrics).

Miserable because… it’s a lot of work. It’s time-consuming. It’s nitty-gritty details and a to-do list that keeps growing instead of shrinking.

Magical because… it’s happening! I’ve been talking about this for so long, the fact that we are just under 2 months away is mind-blowing.

Oh, and this shit is getting really expensive REALLY fast. So I’m cutting corners, cause that’s what my bank account said to do. (I swear, I can even show you the emails if you don’t believe me)! Silk flowers instead of real. Simple handmade favors. Wedding band with little cubic zirconia stones instead of diamonds. Dollar store decorations. Family photographer instead of a hired one. You get the picture.

I have no shame in my game, and I know I’m not alone… to hell with literally throwing away hundreds of dollars for shit that’s going to matter for 4 hours!! In fact, figuring out these little ways I can save a few bucks feels pretty good man. :)

In other news, J turned on Mystery Diners halfway through me writing this and I can no longer focus. And I’d bet my left arm I have a Revolution episode waiting for me in the DVR list.. and I can probably squeeze another drop of wine out of this bottle if I turn it upside down long enough, right?

……I planned to be witty, but TV wins. Goodnight fools.


9 thoughts on “Fake it till you make it.

  1. After the bride & groom’s clothing were taken out of the picture, we spent a whole $500 on our wedding…. dollar stores and friends chipping in were what made it! Best wedding ever, though I may be biased. Anyway, don’t worry about the fancy-schmancy!! After the reception, you’ll find yourself walking toward your departing vehicle feeling like you just had a bender, hoping that memories of what just happened will surface eventually….

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