Christmas… in May!

Wedding registry + bridal shower = Secret Santa Christmas Party in May and everyone pulled my name to buy gifts for! It’s been a while since I did the baby shower thing so the realization that so many people are buying us whatever we ask for is mind-boggling.


I find myself stalking the Bed Bath & Beyond website. Clicking the refresh button obsessively. We got the really cool tall vases for the living room today! Fucking vases man! Nice ones too. We’re gonna put pretty little branches in them and be all sophisticated and shit! I might even have something in my own home that I can put up on Pinterest! I can’t stop using exclamation points!!!!

In all seriousness though, I have been effectively humbled this week. Slapped right off my crazy horse and opened my eyes. And you got a front row seat, aren’t you fuckin’ special?! ;) I went from bitching about all things wedding to feeling extremely appreciative of the whole process. I generally don’t support anything that smells of old, stiff traditions and customs but the wedding thing will have to be an exception. (Especially the gift-giving part.)

My bridal shower is tomorrow, which means I’m being more stalkerish than usual with BBB. I hope they don’t report me to some internet stalking police task force.

Speaking of the bridal shower, my pregnant best friend/matron of honor is throwing this shin dig. I’m really proud of her because the emotional outbreaks have been minimal and there’s been hardly any bitching to speak of! That was not the case with her first two pregnancies, so I’m pleasantly surprised!!!  Let’s see if she can keep it up all the way till June 29… then I could care less if she goes on a homicidal rampage because someone put the wrong dressing on her salad. For now I need her well-behaved.

I have not been so well-behaved though… I’ve been drinking like a fish this week. I have excuses though, no worries:

  • I’m stressed about the wedding
  • I’m stressed about money because of the wedding
  • I need more wine corks to make 100 favors
  • I need more wine bottles to make table centerpieces
  • I like wine

Those are good excuses, right? (Actually I don’t give a fuck what you think haha!!)

Anddddddddddd I believe that’s all I came here to say. I have two posts sitting in my draft folder but I’m feeling too lazy, too tired and too distracted to finish them.

So sayonara suckas!

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