I’ll sleep when I’m dead?

I wish I could wrap my arms around this computer monitor and hug it. I haven’t seen my WordPress dashboard in days. FUCKING DAYS. Radio silent, all because of this stupid mother fucking wedding.

All the time I used to spend at work blogging, I now spend doing wedding shit. Today I finally mailed out the invitations. From work. I am completely abusing my access to things like cardstock, color ink and mailing labels. (If I work with you, you never saw that.)

My apartment is a fucking disaster zone. I haven’t cooked dinner in I don’t know how long, just feed the kid crap food, whatever she will eat, and get her in bed ASAP so I can…… DO WEDDING SHIT. I haven’t been to bed before 12am in over a week. That is not a good thing because after days of this….. I start becoming… A MONSTER!!!!!!!

The short-lived novelty and awe and appreciation has worn off. Now I’m just fucking tired, fucking sick of my home being a mess, fucking over the to-do list, and fucking fed up with everyone else’s opinion. Guess what banquet manager at the country club? I don’t give a single fuck if you are worried the guests seated at the back of the ceremony will have a hard time seeing us. Guess what snarky bitches on theknot.com forums? I don’t give a fuck what you think about my daughter participating in a sand ceremony with us.

Now…. someone go buy my fucking groceries and cook my kid dinner for me. I feel an itch to call out of work before the week is over…. (If I work with you, you never saw that.) I need a day to myself to get my life together. I’m spiraling toward an irreversible anxiety attack that could consume every living thing in its path.


9 thoughts on “I’ll sleep when I’m dead?

  1. That is awesome. Your meltdowns are epic and I must admit that WordPress has felt a little too huggy and nice without you. The bitter fight was an uphill battle. On that I would bitterly do myself, but having you go on a bitter rant sure makes it feel right again. Thanks for the inside chuckle (I don’t LOL). Have a bitter rest of your life until you get married. By the way, check my latest blog to see if you won my contest(spoiler alert: you didn’t.)

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