Escaping DC

Friday afternoons are supposed to be good, right? Especially on a Friday like today when the beautiful sun is shining AND the weather is warm. This is the first spring-like day we’ve had in a couple of weeks and holy shit it feels great! So I’m all pumped, ready to go, counting down these last 57 minutes like a fool…. then I got an alert on my phone. I signed up for this emergency alert system that lets me know ANYTHING that’s going on that might be of interest to me:

  • Severe weather
  • School closings
  • Traffic alerts
  • Police alerts
  • Water main breaks
  • Etc. Etc.

Today’s alert said there was an accident on 95 S with a 20+ mile backup!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Do you even know what that means? The entire fucking DC metro area is about to be grid lock like a mother fucker. Wanna know why??? Cause Fridays are the Mass Exodus. EVERYONE LEAVES!!!!!! Rush hour is like an 8-hour long affair on Fridays, +/- 5 hours. So I hop on Google maps to check out the damage and boy, it does not look fun:


Anyone that is “inside the beltway” and is trying to get to “outside of the beltway” is pretty much fucked. So that means in 51 minutes when I get in my car, what you see above will have snowballed into one giant fucking disaster. I can’t wait!!!! :) That’s why I stalk the traffic maps before I leave my office… always trying to be a step ahead. Although it doesn’t mean much of anything because some idiot could go crashing into another one at any given moment and foil my plans.

In other news, it’s still Friday :)

THANK FUCK FOR FRIDAYS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

J’s baseball season is apparently over as of last night. I didn’t even realize it until I asked him where he was coaching tonight.. I’ve been extremely a little inattentive to him lately. As I mentioned in my last post, he’s been a useless sack of shit as far as wedding & household chores go… and in my book if you’re not helping me you’re in my way. So I’ve kept him out of my way so I can actually get some shit done! My point is that baseball season came and went and I barely even noticed! That also means that he is about to be much more available to finally pitch in, which is going to make me one happy little camper :)

I digress. Wish me luck out there, and you drive safe yourselves!!


One thought on “Escaping DC

  1. At least you aren’t sitting at work right now counting down the freaking hours until you get our of the crap hole. That traffic is your punishment for punishing me for somehow causing you to lose a contest that you didn’t even want to win. My bitter traffic hex worked on you!

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