Fuck you Northern Virginia

The people here are so fucking pretentious walking around with their “better-than-thou” attitudes that I want to fucking punch every single human being in Fairfax County in their THROATS!!!!!!!

Back story: Yesterday my sweet little daughter sat on the couch next to me and started bawling her eyes out. When I asked her what was wrong she told me this:

Kids at school make fun of me because my mom is short and looks like a teenager. They are always like “What?! That is your mom? Oh my GOD she’s so young!”

(Fuck you little kids. I will end your lives in one fell swoop if you ever say some shit like this to my daughter again.)

She went on to tell me that she’s also been teased for living in an apartment, for being poor, for her mom getting married now (versus having a “regular” family), etc. etc.

I blame where we live. These fucking spoiled little brats running around, with their super “important” government and military parents, having the world handed to them on a silver spoon…. they are fucking idiots. They are sheltered, stupid, thoughtless fucktards. Their parents? Even worse – the PROBLEM. These fucking 45-year-old parents of my daughter’s friends, they aren’t better parents than me because they’re older. In fact, they fucking SUCK at parenting for the most part which is clearly obvious because their children are running around making other kids cry over superficial bullshit.

My daughter would NEVER tease a kid for things like that because she’s lived life, she’s SEEN that families come in all shapes and sizes and she KNOWS that living in an apartment doesn’t make her poor and she UNDERSTANDS that a young mom doesn’t mean a bad mom. What I do need improvement on is encouraging her to not compare our life to the lives of those around us. Then I need to move the fuck OUT of the DC metro area because these superficial sorry ass excuses for “people” are poisonous. And I don’t want to be around them anymore.

So Northern Virginia and all of your asshole residents……

GO FUCK YOURSELF!!!!!!!!!!!!

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7 thoughts on “Fuck you Northern Virginia

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  3. Just remember……children learn what we teach them. So these children are unfortunately learning from a perspective of privelage and not being exposed to different family structures, economic situations etc. Their parent’s snobby perception of things is being passed down to them. This is on the parents, not necessarily the kids.
    Doesn’t change your child’s situation, and I understand where you are coming from.
    People are assholes, for sure, eh?

    • For sure. And I know that the kids only repeat what they hear or what they think is right based on what their parents believe….. it just gets my blood boiling for my daughter’s feelings to be hurt over such insignificant things being incorrectly turned into “big” issues. I thought living here would be good for her, to be exposed to a “city”/urban environment and to have all of the opportunities that living near DC provides. Turns out it’s just an easier way to feel isolated and like less of a human being based on annual salaries. Somehow, in DC, being a good person is no longer important. For someone like me who is ANTI everything to do with “status symbols” and the arrogance that comes with wealth – moving here was a fatally idiotic mistake. Lesson learned.

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