Posted in June 2013

The home stretch.

One week till all these months of planning come to fruition. One week until I look my fiance in the eyes and promise to spend the rest of my existence as his wife. I’m also throwing the biggest party I will ever be in charge of.. if I’m lucky! I can finally see a light … Continue reading

Rain keeps falling..

Both literally and metaphorically. This week’s forecast contains lots of rain and thunder storms and alerts in red rectangles. Dizzying.   The metaphorical rain refers to my endlessly fucked up family, and my best friend.   Family first. I have a 16 year-old (half) brother that went to live with my Dad earlier in this … Continue reading

Got Milk?

Little J is a very bright little girl. And she talks a lot. Like non-stop. So we’re sitting at the dinner table, and she says, “Next year for my birthday cupcakes, if someone is allergic to dairy I can make them with almond milk. And if someone is allergic to nuts, I can make them … Continue reading

Things I Can’t Make Up (and that piss me off)

Two weeks ago at soccer practice: Random Mom: Oh hi, how are you? Me: Good. Random Mom: What’s your daughter’s name? Me: “Little J” OTHER Nearby Random Mom: Oh my God, I thought you were a kid!! You have a daughter on this team? I really thought you were just someone’s teenage sister or something!! Me: ….. … Continue reading

Nerd Alert

Nerd Alert

Katniss + Peeta = KatPee Hahahahaha! If you don’t know what the hell I’m talking about, these are the two main characters from the Hunger Games. They now have a super funny celebrity-style nickname thanks to me :) In hindsight, letting my 8-year-old daughter in on this joke was probably a bad idea considering she … Continue reading