Rain keeps falling..

Both literally and metaphorically. This week’s forecast contains lots of rain and thunder storms and alerts in red rectangles. Dizzying.


The metaphorical rain refers to my endlessly fucked up family, and my best friend.


Family first. I have a 16 year-old (half) brother that went to live with my Dad earlier in this school year. I don’t have the energy to get into all the details, so all you need to know is that this brother has similar personality tendencies as my 25 year-old brother whom I wrote about recently (here). Both brothers get these fucked up characteristics from my lovely father.

S (the 16 year-old), has visited his mom on the weekends here and there over the past few months… although there have been instances where he’s cancelled plans with her but asked if he could still come pick up the child support check anyway. *******Yes, my Dad went to court and had the child support  order reversed. Yes, my Dad has S ask his mom for the fucking check.*********

This kid is being brainwashed by someone who would like to see him be a lazy, unproductive, troubled teenager who doesn’t respect adults, have a sense of responsibility or accountability. Or even know what those two words mean. It’s hard to think that a parent would actually WANT this for their kid, but it is true. I promise.

I can’t guess at what goes in my Dad’s mind, but I know that it’s deep, dark and twisted. Two failed marriages and three estranged children – 1 common denominator. More about that here.

Anyway… a couple of nights ago I called up my (ex) step-mom to ask if they are coming to the wedding cause I hadn’t gotten her RSVP yet. “They” includes her, her husband, my 20 year-old brother (R) and my 16 year-old brother (S). She told me that everyone except for S was coming. Which pisses me the fuck off, because I’m his big sister and there’s no damn good reason he shouldn’t be at my wedding!

The reason is even more sickening. Apparently last weekend S was at my step-mom’s to go swimming with a friend, she asked him to vacuum the pool before using it. S refused, swam anyway, then ran home to my Dad and tattled. My Dad then called my step-mom and SCREAMED at her, saying to stop using S as her little nigger. So now S isn’t talking to her. And I’m ready to drive right to their fucking house and tell them BOTH what the fuck I think of their behavior.

S gets a tiny bit of credit, because he is under my Dad’s “influence” if you will.. and doing whatever he can get away with. But fuck that. That boy is 16 years old and if he doesn’t learn how to respect his own fucking MOTHER — RIGHT NOW — then he will grow up to be a fucking dead beat loser sorry excuse for a human being. Like my Dad.


Now I’m so pissed I don’t even know if I can write about my best friend… maybe next time. Hint: she wants to divorce her husband and she’s pregnant with #3.


All I know is that I’m finding it hard to focus on being happy and excited about my upcoming wedding when all the people who are closest to me seem to be fucked up to the extreme this summer.

:( I wish I didn’t have so many awful things to come bitching to y’all about. I really wish I didn’t.





14 thoughts on “Rain keeps falling..

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  2. If it makes you feel any better, we had to actually not invite the entirety of my husband’s family (yup, NO ONE) to avoid wedding-day BS. This was my husband’s call, not mine…. Anyway, the wedding went great, no regrets about that, and by just a couple years later his family got to the point where we’d totally invite them if we did it over again. So, don’t get too terribly tied up in wedding attendees, and hope that S will grow up when he travels out into the Real World of adulthood!

    • That is crazy, about your husband’s family! So true though.. the drama is unbelievable. Everything got superficial superfast. Sadly, most of my fiance’s family is not coming because they are too broke to come and were too lazy to plan for it 1.5 years ago when we got engaged. He has 1 table of family. Oh well though right? We can’t control that… and at least we know that when push comes to shove, there are certain people we can count on and some that we can’t!

      • That sucks about your fiancee’s family! But yeah, in my experience, who attends your wedding only matters if you make it matter in your head. Otherwise, just smile, let them see all the pictures, and send them a thank you card for saving you money by not turning up for the free food!

  3. I am really sorry to hear about your brother not going to your wedding. Take some time off, and remember that you need to be happy, your happiness and well being is of the most importance. There is always some silver lining to every situation. Things will get better, you just have to believe they will.
    “Remember that not getting what you want is sometimes a wonderful stroke of luck”- Dalai Lama.

    • I love that quote, and thank you for such a thoughtful comment. I’ve been getting too caught up in all the cliche little things I said I wouldn’t get caught up in. Since writing this post, my brother has had a change of heart. Although with 2 weeks until the date, I guess there’s always time for my dad to help change his mind again. I just have to remember that it’s out of my control and it’s going to be a great day regardless of who is there!

      • Absolutely! So happy to hear about your brother :) Relax and know that it will out come out as it should, for one reason or another. I love weddings, and can honestly say that I hope we see some incredible pics from yours in two weeks (preferably one with a glass of alcohol in hand and a big smile) ;)

      • You have been very distracted lately and it really sucks. I want to see rants about normal day to day stuff instead of life stuff. Can you tell your family to get it together?

        • working on it… i am actually writing a not-so-bitchy post for once. i noticed that i have really bad (like, worse than the usual bad) stats when I bitch for multiple posts in a row… figure i’ll lighten up a bit

          • What kind of stats are you getting? Just curious about what others get. I think it is just because your personal life is so rough these days. You can’t help that your family is having such a hard time.

            • On this blog, if I see 15 views in a day that I published a post I would consider that a “busy” day. On my last blog, I would average something like 30-50 depending on a bunch of things… this one does not publicize to Facebook or Twitter and it’s not searchable online, so only WP bloggers (I hope) have access to the content. :)

              • It used to be that way for me. In fact, in May 2012, I got 38 views all month. It wasn’t until I tagged, categorized and publicized the heck out of this thing that I even got more than 30. I don’t try and hide it like you do, so that is the big difference. If I could put an ad in the SuperBowl I would. I pimp this thing like crazy.

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