The home stretch.

One week till all these months of planning come to fruition. One week until I look my fiance in the eyes and promise to spend the rest of my existence as his wife. I’m also throwing the biggest party I will ever be in charge of.. if I’m lucky! I can finally see a light at the end of this “planning” tunnel. I don’t know how people can marry a second (or multiple) times… this thing is a pain in the ass!

I must say that I work pretty damn well under pressure. Aside from the “big” things (venue/vendor selections) I’ve really only been planning since April. And I have put in many, many hours with all of the DIY projects I took on in an effort to spend less. Lots of pictures to come soon, and I’ll finally have some stuff to add to the “crafts” section of this blog! It turns out that I’m pretty good at making/putting together wedding stuff.. who knew?

Now that we are at the one week mark I’m not really sure how I’m supposed to feel. People keep asking if I’m excited, and I find myself shrugging my shoulders. I’m happy that it’s happening soon, but I’m not jumping up and down excited for it. The honeymoon on the other hand? THAT I’m excited for! The wedding and reception still feel like work at this point. People also ask me if I’m nervous .. which I can confidently answer no! I’m such an OCD type A kinda chick that I feel like I’ve planned and prepared as much as humanly possible.

I feel ready, that’s all. I’m ready to do this thing and watch all the carefully planned pieces fall into place. I feel content with the decisions I’ve made. I feel confident that at this point, whatever happens is going to happen. Que será.

One week.


11 thoughts on “The home stretch.

  1. Hopefully, at least one thing goes bad. We had a few mishaps and that is what made it so memorable. To at least one screw up! Where are you going on your honeymoon? Can’t wait for you to get married! Is little J excited?

    • Well, my oldest younger brother told me yesterday he’s not coming because my mom told him that his girlfriend is not allowed (the brother that’s supposed to be walking me down the aisle) … the drama literally never fucking ends. We are going to the Poconos for the honeymoon, but it’s supposed to rain all week LOL… OH WELL!!!! I’m excited to get the hell off the radar for a while. Little J is very excited, but jealous that she can’t go to the mountains with us :)

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