Posted in July 2013

That just happened.

Boss: Hey Amanda, I’m probably going to be getting a package on Thursday or Friday when I won’t be in the office. Me: Okay! Boss: I’m not sure how it will be labeled, it might have “hazardous materials” or a skull and crossbones or something like that on the package. Me: Okay…. Boss: Well, I’ll … Continue reading

When I don’t have weekend plans:

When I don’t have weekend plans:

I avoid doing actual work (like cleaning and put laundry away) by doing fun “work” instead:           Beer. There’s also the drinking of beer.   Here’s to non-sucky weekends :)    

She’s sick and twisted!

Little J, at 8 years old, is an avid reader.  She loves books. Every time she spits out a random burst of knowledge on a subject she shouldn’t know anything about, it’s followed by “I learned that in a book!” Every parent’s dream right? A kid that LOVES to read??? Right. Until the book of … Continue reading

Just got my socks rocked.

My little family of 3 sat down to dinner a little while ago and devoured delivery pizza & wings. It’s Friday, duhhhhhh. There was a bottle of ranch & a bottle of Frank’s Hot Buffalo Wing sauce sitting between us on the table. My daughter eyeing the bottle said excitedly, “Awesome! This is one step … Continue reading

Shut up and do work chickens.

From my lovely seat at the front of the office, I’m perfectly positioned to hear conversations from every corner. This morning, the loud clucking sounds are coming from the kitchen. One woman says “I just got a call from L” (another of my coworker’s daughter who is babysitting for the first woman). “She said E … Continue reading

Out of Focus

Out of Focus

Time is sort of drifting along today… seeming to go fast at times, and excruciatingly slow at others. I’m tired. I feel anxious & stressed… about money of course. I start a task at work only to trail off before finishing and my eyes seem to blur the screen in front of me into swirls … Continue reading

I have PWTSD.

I have PWTSD.

You’ve heard of PTSD (post traumatic stress disorder) and PPD (post partum depression)…. tell me, have you ever heard of PWTSD (post wedding traumatic stress depression)? I made it up, just go with it ok? There are a few things going through my mind that I’ve tried to sort out and keep feeling like I’m … Continue reading

Guilty Conscience

I knew it would happen eventually… that all the fun, happy, rah rah, love dove attitude would fade…. This morning marked the first day back to “normal” around my place (whatever that means). The first problem was waking up at 6am, because I hate 6am with a passion. I prefer to wake up at 7am … Continue reading