I’m baaaaaack!

Ladies and Gentlemen….. this message comes to you from a married woman!  I’m happy to report that everything went perfectly on June 29th. Then my husband and I spent a beautifully GLORIOUS kid-free week together in the Poconos!

I don’t even know where to start in talking about it all… it still seems pretty surreal. We went to DE on Thursday 6/27, had the rehearsal on Friday, then next thing you know it I’m looking my man in the eyes promising to wipe his ass if he gets too old to do it and all that happy shit :) (Pun totally intended)!

All of my radio silence here and obsessive planning really paid off, I must say. Everything went PERFECTLY… no surprises, no “oh shit” moments, the wedding day flowed as smooth as butter. The only time I found myself starting to feel like a crazy person was when 4pm rolled around on Saturday and the officiant hadn’t arrived yet. The ceremony started 20 minutes late because of her… then she hung around at a table during dinner picking at a roll hoping someone would offer her a meal or give her money for gratuity. I put my crazy pregnant matron of honor on the job of kicking her out and BAM problem solved :) Greedy bitch.

My daughter and my little sister/bridesmaid rocked the dance floor all night, even though not too many others did. I sang a Phillip Phillips’ song with my brother (the one that walked me down the aisle) and had an AWESOME time! I even spilled rum & coke on my wedding dress, so it felt like a completely normal day haha.

All of my little brothers showed up, my dad did not. And it was perfect that way. Although trying to explain to the photographer all the different “groupings” of my siblings/parents was fun and interesting!! I’m still waiting on the professional pictures, hopefully I’ll see them by the end of the weekend because there are a series of shots that are completely fucking epic.

He had me get into the driver seat of a golf cart, told J to stand on the back then told me to floor it (just a short distance) to make it look like J was barely hanging on. So I did as instructed, but being my first time driving a golf cart I kind of slowed down then sped up again.. when I did that J thought I was done and LET GO! So when I sped back up… he fell off!!!!! And it was fucking hilarious!! The photographer got shots of every second from him first falling to being on his back on the ground with his feet flying over his head. I am dying to see those pictures!

Onto the honeymoon… we drove through a pretty scary storm on Sunday 6/30 to get to Mt. Pocono but once we arrived it had cleared up and the sun was shining. BONUS: the storm killed the humidity so the temperature was perfect! The very first thing we did was hike to a waterfall, a 2 hour endeavor in which I submerged my entire right foot into a mud puddle. I did mention that everything was swampy that whole week right? No matter though, literally nothing could ruin our moods.

We went golfing, fishing, canoeing on the Delaware River, gambled at Mt. Airy Casino and topped the whole thing off with a friend’s wedding on Friday 7/5! One of J’s groomsmen got married, they are good friends of ours here in VA. So that was super fun, going to someone else’s wedding, eating & drinking on their tab and not having had to plan any of it!!!

We spent 7.5 hours driving to pick little J up from my mom at Lewes Beach in DE then back to VA… none of us moved a muscle on that Sunday. And of course, back to work first thing this past Monday morning!! It was J’s birthday on Monday too.. I’m about tired of celebrating crap LOL.

One of my bridesmaid’s is having her Bridal Shower tomorrow, which I selfishly declined because I’m still recovering (mostly financially) from our honeymoon… then my matron of honor is having her Baby Shower next Saturday. Can you believe these chicks? Thanks for letting me get back to normal before you want me to start traveling & spending money again! Geeeeeeeeeeeeez!

Anyway, that’s all I can squeeze out right now because I have a shit ton of work left to do and 3 hours to do it all. I will leave you with pictures for your viewing enjoyment:


Annnnd the honeymoon:


Sincerely yours,

Mrs. Amanda H.

9 thoughts on “I’m baaaaaack!

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  2. Great pictures. I feel like I have been waiting forever for this wedding. Weirdly I care more about this one than any celebrity wedding ever. Sorry more things didn’t go wrong so you would have funny stories to tell. J looks really happy for you too. Can’t wait for more info on your crazy life.

    • Well, I am kind of a big deal and all ;) Thanks for snapping me out of that vacation, I’ve been a very bad blogger!! I’ve been working fervently on a Shutterfly site that has all the wedding preparation pics, bridal shower, rehearsal, ceremony, reception & honeymoon pictures on it so everything is all in one place. Because I’m OCD, that has been my project while I await the professional photos! Little J couldn’t have been more thrilled :) Except for when we smashed the cake in HER face, I forgot to mention that! Personally, I’m glad nothing else went wrong otherwise someone might have died. And it wouldn’t have been me haha…

      • I noticed that you smashed cake in her face as you posted the picture of that. So are you going to turn into a photo blogger and show us all your boring wedding photos. Oh my gosh I can’t wait! Have fun getting all your work done the rest of the day. Oh crap, you’re almost on your way home now aren’t you. Gosh dang it, I’m so bitter.

        • 5 minutes away from walking out the door. Although I’m feeling froggy and will be shutting down and checking out immediately after posting this reply ;) Only a few more wedding photos when the professional ones come in, then back to the same old bitching about all my crazy crap. And some more pointless videos to make people laugh. :) Bitter Friday to you Ben! I hope you have a Bitter Weekend!!!

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