How does this thing go again?

It has been so long since I was posting regularly that I think I forgot how to do it. I open this new post, start typing.. hit publish? But what of all the WORDS? What are they supposed to say?!

Here goes nothing… I suppose.

Tuna macaroni salad. YUM! My very  lovely husband made a big batch of this over the weekend because he loves me and has been sucking up big time since the wedding. I guess they call this the “honeymoon” period… we haven’t had any arguments since 6/29 (knocking on wood), which is quite the phenomenon! It feels funny because everything is exactly how it was before, just with 2 extra rings and 1 less last name in the apartment.

This is not me complaining, however.. I hope this lasts as long as possible :) On Friday I really hurt my neck in some random shower accident and Saturday morning when I woke up I couldn’t even lift my head to sit up. My VERY lovely husband brought me Advil and water in bed and literally catered to me all day until I started feeling better. That’s what I call an awesome man right there. And he’s miiiine!!!

I was just looking at the professional photos that we finally got on Friday. It’s pretty depressing…. the wedding day was such a crazy blur. Then the honeymoon flew by…. and now what?? Now I have hundreds of awesome pictures, how am I supposed to choose which ones I want to have printed?! How do I pick which ones to send to family?! I wish I could just have ALL of the pictures printed on wallpaper to plaster all over my apartment :)

In other news, I still don’t even have all my wedding crap at home yet… maybe I need some closure to not feel so sad. My wedding dress, the wedding tree, the sand ceremony… MY CAKE! All of that is at my mom’s until I am back in Delaware to retrieve it next Saturday. On the day of my friend’s baby shower… which I’m supposed to be helping her throw and I don’t really feel like cause I’m still in a wedding daze!!!

So, that’s all I got for you today. And some more pictures for your eyeballs to enjoy :)

Professional (2)      

8 thoughts on “How does this thing go again?

  1. I started watching that video of you and your brother singing and now I am going to have to get that song. Why have I never heard it. It was very lovely and you guys did a great job. I guess since you are so recently back my comments are in the honeymoon stage. Don’t worry though, I will find some short jokes and bitterness to help you feel comfortable soon.

      • His name seems kind of redundant. Kind of like Bitter Ben. Anyway, I got a chance to look at your wedding photos and there were some really good ones, especially the golf cart ones you mentioned. I was wondering about the thing where you guys poured stuff into the jar. What is that all about? Kind of cool.

        • His name is STUPID. His songs are good. :)

          The pictures you’re asking about are of the Sand Ceremony. We each had different sand and poured it into the jar while the officiate read the following:

          Today we are not only celebrating the marriage of Amanda and J, but also the creation of a family. Just as these two individuals are joining as one in a lifelong commitment to each other, they are also committing their love to Amanda’s daughter, little J. The three containers here represent Amanda, J and little J.

          Until now, each container of sand is individual and unique. As the sands are combined, all three become one masterpiece. The grains of sand cannot be separated, just as the love these three share for each other.


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