Have I ever told you?

Have I ever told you….

whenever I wake up in the morning on the couch and realize that I never went to bed with you, it breaks my heart all day

seeing you cuddle with little J melts me into a puddle of AWWWWWWW

when I get home and your car is parked out front it makes me smile

watching you in the kitchen (doing ANYTHING) makes me feel extremely appreciative and grateful

when I’m having a bad day, I secretly hope that you will be silly and try to make me laugh

I love it that you love to call me “wife,” and that you do it often

there is not another man in the world that has or could ever steal my heart the way you have

secretly I like to brag about all of your accomplishments, your kind heart, and your successful way of working with high schoolers that I will never understand

when you touch my hair, my arm, my back… anywhere… it feels like little rays of sunlight are kissing me

cuddling with you in bed is my most favorite thing to do

holding hands with you when we walk together is a close second

I can tell when you’re going out of your way to make me happy, and I appreciate it every single time

it makes me happy that we don’t fight, only argue, and always make up right away

kissing you still gives me butterflies in my stomach, even after 4 years of kissing

Have I ever told you.. that words could never adequately express how much I love you?


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