Pajama Day

I spent Friday evening in HELL.  Err… Chuck E Cheese, same thing.. right? It was for a stupid fundraiser for little J’s stupid summer camp at the most stupid location they could have chosen. The past two years it was at Coldstone Creamery… a MUCH better choice in my mind! Either way, I was at the end of my sanity by the time we came home and drank away my sorrows with some old friends (they’re all named Miller Lite, strange!).

Yesterday the munchkin and I left home at 9:30am to take the 2 hour drive to Delaware for my friend’s baby shower. My matron of honor friend, that selfishly asked me to help throw her this baby shower 3 weeks after my wedding. Knowing full well that I am broker than broke and should NOT be spending money on an overpriced baby bath tub, shower decorations, game prizes, etc. Fuck. To top it off, she’s only 5 months pregnant! All this rush for a shower because she has an aunt visiting from Texas for the summer who begged to be involved in the shower.

She did the cupcakes and food. And showed up 5 minutes late. I won’t type all the mean things that went through my mind… but trust me when I say there were many variations of the words “fuck” and “you”.

Anyway. The party was great, the people had fun, the mom-to-be (for the THIRD time) was happy…. yay world peace and unicorns and fluffy bunnies!!!!! I digress, excuse me.

It is now 7:45pm on Sunday and I am still in the pajamas I wore to bed last night. All I can say is that you’re lucky the internet doesn’t have a smell feature yet! I’ve been so damn busy since we came home from the honeymoon that I haven’t really given my apartment a good thorough cleaning, so that’s what I did today. I prefer to clean in pajamas and unshowered, it feels more natural or some shit.

We also did some rearranging, cleaned out little J’s art studio (yes, my spoiled ass child has an entire room dedicated to her ART & MUSIC in addition to her damn bedroom), and picked out/ordered photos to include in our thank you cards. That still need to be purchased, and written… some other day though.

We ALSO cleaned out the bearded dragon’s tank which was an adventure and a half. Although I don’t think you lovely folks know that we now own two bearded dragons. That would be my husband’s impulse buy of the fucking summer, and their cuteness is the only reason I didn’t murder him on the spot! So they are pretty low maintenance but they SHIT everywhere and it’s nasty! Looks like bird shit!!!!



By the way, those fuckers are FAST. We put out a sheet in the living room and little J & I sat with them while J cleaned the tank. No way was I going to help. He wanted the dragons, he cleans their shit. Anyway…. they were crawling all over us then suddenly darted off the sheet in a flash! We were literally crawling around like drunk college chicks trying to keep up with these things! It was an interesting afternoon, for sure.

My favorite way to end a Sunday is by marinating in my own filth and watching America’s Got Talent with the family. And the cat, and the dragons. I hope Monday stays away for as long as possible!!!!!



9 thoughts on “Pajama Day

    • You know, I think she would be the type of parent to disown her son if he was gay. She flipped out when the oldest one and my daughter used to play with her dolls together (when they were like… 3). And refused to get matchbox cards for my daughter for a birthday gift one year and got her a kitchen set instead. The reason why we are still such good friends is because I can call her out on all this, tell her she’s insane… and it’s all okay. She points out my BS too. Like having another mom. LOL

      • LOL, me and my husband actually had a conversation about that kind of thing last night, seeing as my 2-year-old son and 3-year-old daughter quite equally like each others’ “boy” and “girl” toys… his assertion was that militantly splitting the two into their gender roles was a surefire way to push them toward a gay rebellion in a decade or two. Not that I think that is a definite!!… but would be interesting to see. Closest you can get to having a son with some daughter-like qualities, I think…

    • Haha!! You’ll love the story behind it. I swear this girl is a super awesome friend and that’s why I keep her around… when it comes to these kind of things, she basically sucks at life:

      Her first baby was born in 2005, no big issues.

      Her & hubby decided to wait until he was done with pilot training to have another. She stopped taking her birth control and got preggo right when he started training. That baby was born at 32 weeks, serious pregnancy complications. She said she was done, he said he didn’t want anymore, they got rid of all the baby stuff. Both kids are boys.

      A few months ago she was trying to talk hubby into having another (she DESPERATELY wants a girl). He said no. She stopped taking birth control, surprise – she’s pregnant!! Has nothing from the last 2 babies and needs EVERYTHING again, hence the shower. Karma is a bitch though, this baby is a boy too :) Although she keeps saying she hopes his penis falls off… sadistic psychopath!!

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