Just got my socks rocked.

My little family of 3 sat down to dinner a little while ago and devoured delivery pizza & wings. It’s Friday, duhhhhhh. There was a bottle of ranch & a bottle of Frank’s Hot Buffalo Wing sauce sitting between us on the table. My daughter eyeing the bottle said excitedly, “Awesome! This is one step away from the hottest hot sauce Frank’s has!” I giggled and replied, “Well I would have gotten the Xtra Hot but there wasn’t any at the store!”

My 8-year-old shares my love for hot sauce. That makes her the coolest fucking kid ever.

Another minute went by, then she got a serious look on her face and said in a threatening voice, “If I ever have a little boy, his name will be Frank. And he BETTER like hot sauce!”


You can consider this mom’s socks rocked!

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