She’s sick and twisted!

Little J, at 8 years old, is an avid reader.  She loves books. Every time she spits out a random burst of knowledge on a subject she shouldn’t know anything about, it’s followed by “I learned that in a book!” Every parent’s dream right? A kid that LOVES to read???

Right. Until the book of choice is titled “First Aid & CPR.” For the past two weeks she’s been picking it up at least once a day and browsing the wide variety of topics it covers. Yesterday she told me she learned about “consent” and that you can’t give someone first aid treatment if they refuse it. I think that this particular nugget of knowledge will come in handy for a later conversation…

This morning she is sitting across the room from me and keeps blurting out things like:

  • They’re gonna have to take that leg off!
  • How do you get a stick that big stuck in your eye in the first place?
  • Ewwww, what happened to his skin?!

So, I have my reservations about this book. J does too. The fact that the extremely gross and disturbing photos are fascinating to little J blows my mind. Makes me wonder if I should start hiding the cat before she starts practicing CPR on it… and I damn sure am not interested in her first trial run of an amputation.

Some kids…. SMH.

7 thoughts on “She’s sick and twisted!

  1. Hysterical. I suppose you forget how exciting it first is when a child is excited about reading until they pick up the more fascinating option, such as CPR on your cats.

  2. Haha! Awesome. I’m sure it’s harmless. When I was her age I found a dead bird and decided to open it up because I wanted to see what it looked like from the inside. Now, I know that could have taken me down a completely different path but it didn’t and I still managed to grow up fairly well adjusted. ;)

    • That’s reassuring to hear. She does cringe at the sight of dead animals so I’ll take that for a good sign. I can guarantee if she’s ever near a traumatic injury she’ll be the first one on the scene!

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