I’ll tell you what… 3 hours of sleep does not look good on me. It doesn’t sound or taste good either. It’s fucking yucky all the way around. And so is my attitude.


(this is why I got 3 hours of sleep)

There are two people at work that I “support” – in addition to answering the fucking phones and doing a hundred other miscellaneous tasks for other people and the office/”cause” in general. I’m gaining more responsibility which is good, but I’m still an Administrative Assistant, which is bad.

The two people I support think they are the only people I work with/for, respectively. And they always seem to need shit on the same day. And almost always on days where I want to tell them each to go fuck themselves, respectively (NOT respectfully, fuck that).  I am literally getting about 3 emails every 10 minutes with either a) new request for something, b) follow-up on an earlier request, c) a stupid fucking question that they could find the answer to themselves easily but ask me anyway because they’re fucking lazy.

Not a happy girl here. I need a cigarette and my bed STAT!
(But not at the same time because I don’t smoke inside and I don’t want to set my new bedding set on fire).



Amanda. (AKA: Grumpy Psycho Bitch)


5 thoughts on “Sometimes….

  1. Woooooow, I feel your pain! But I must add a d) Asking in a patronizing sort of way why a 3-hour task that only took them 30 seconds to ask for isn’t done yet!

    Actually, what you’re talking about is MORE like my previous skyscraper-job. I’m happy to be back at my previous admin job, where at least there’s only one boss treating me like toe lint, rather than several.

  2. That sounds suprisingly similar to the way I get treated at my job. Bunch of crap. I think we need to use this type of thing for the Bitter Newscast when we get some time to do it.

    • Ohhhhh the Bitter Newscast. I forgot all about that! I’m broke and have no more stuff going on in my life so let’s get on that. This is the perfect kind of mood to write a bitter script… muahahaha (pretend that was a really, really evil laugh)

      • How could you forget about that? Just because you had some wedding thingy and some honeymoon thingy and some work and family things going on? That thing is always first in my mind.

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