There’s a first for everything.

Good people of the internet… all 6 of my followers.. I am having an awesome fucking weekend :)

I took a vacation day yesterday, which is a first in and of itself. Of course I took many vacation days for my wedding and honeymoon, but I’ve never taken one “just because.” I have this strange guilt complex about not going to work when I’m able to, and in the past would have preferred to call in sick (pretending that I can’t come in) rather than say “I’m taking the day off” (when I technically could come in). Little J’s camp ended on Thursday and I really wasn’t interested in paying a sitter $80 to stay with her all day. So I put in my request and it was approved immediately, no questions asked!

Then my Mom asked if we could keep my little brother (7) and sister (11) Friday night, which I was thrilled to say yes to! And since I was already home, they could come early in the day which was really fun. We went swimming and stayed up late watching movies with a giant bowl of popcorn.. just a perfect day. It was the first time they’ve ever spent the night with me. They have only visited us in VA twice, both times for my birthday and a super cool Haunted House/Fun Fair that Little J’s school does. It made me realize how much I miss them, and wish that I could be more of a sister to them. Anytime we hang out at my Mom’s I just end up parenting them along with Little J and spend the bulk of my time with the grown ups.

My little brother, at 7 years old, is a super sweetheart. And he LOVESSSSSSS my husband (his 31-year-old brother-in-law haha). To watch them snuggle on the couch together was just awesome. My 11 year sister is a preteen all the way around, and would jump off a bridge if I told her it was cool. For her to have been a bridesmaid in my wedding, we now share a really special bond and she looks up to me like no other. Helping me cook, clean, referee the little guys. It made me really sad to send them both home today. It’s hard to be a big sister and not see them all the time.

Another first around here this weekend: Little J’s first “friend” phone call!! A BIG moment in my pre-preteen’s life :) It came while she was playing outside with her “Aunt & Uncle” – a little girl that she went to summer camp with the past few weeks. I had sent my number and a note with Little J to give to this girl letting her parents know I would be happy to host a play date at some time. Summer camp kids are difficult to hook up with because although they’re local, they don’t go to the same school as Little J, so I can’t just look them up in the school directory to call.

So I pick up the phone and a little voice goes “Hi! This is “N”!! Is this Little J’s Mommy? I want to talk to Little J, can you please pass her the phone?!” I told her she was outside playing and that I would absolutely have her call back as soon as possible. She said “Okay! Do you have my number? So she can call me?! I can give you my number if you want. Will she call me? Or will I call her?!” I mean, this kid was practically coming through the phone she sounded so excited :) I reassured her we have the number on my cell and that Little J would call back.

When she did, I sat in the room at her request because she was nervous! I felt so touched. She put it on speaker and I helped prompt her through the painfully awkward conversation. The gist of it was that this girl was supposed to perform with Little J & a couple of other girls in the camp’s talent show on Thursday, but she wasn’t there. She really wanted Little J to know that she was super sorry and why she couldn’t come. It was the sweetest thing. Then she said “Soo… should we keep talking or do you want to cut it here?” LOL

Just adorable. For a person that normally doesn’t like kids (except my own.. most of the time), I have really enjoyed the younger crowd this weekend. I feel whole, happy and blessed to have these little people in my life.

Oh, and since I gave myself a 3 day weekend, I still get all day tomorrow to snuggle with my munchkin and have her all to myself :)


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