A modern day olive branch.

Per Wikipedia: The olive branch is usually a symbol of peace or victory and was historically worn by brides. This symbol, deriving from the customs of Ancient Greece, is strongest in Western culture.


This morning, I offered one to my husband:

peace coffee

I brewed him this cup of Peace Coffee and told him that I meant everything I said last night, but I still love him. I don’t want to fight… especially about my daughter. “Our” daughter, as it were. I have to remember that he walked in and accepted the responsibility of raising a kid that he did not make…. that’s important. How we go about doing that is a work in progress… we just have to keep working together.

I could not get him to see things from my perspective last night… so I will wait until a situation presents itself as an example of what I was trying to explain. I’ve asked him to do the same. Hopefully we can learn to be on the same page before Little J hits the hard years… we’re in the safe zone for now. It won’t stay that way forever!


9 thoughts on “A modern day olive branch.

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    • Yeahhh I love that guy even though he makes me see red sometimes. I talk a big game but I’d never leave him. I don’t enter into lifelong contracts unless I intend to follow through.

      Thank God for coffee, is all I can say!

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