I will not wait for you.

Adventures in Baby Daddy land…

The past 2 weekends I have attempted to set up a Skype call with B. The first weekend, the ball was in his court to buy a webcam and let me know when he was ready. The text never came. The second weekend the ball was in my court, to let him know when my siblings had gone home and we were available. I completely forgot.

This weekend, we had a set date and time. To make sure that it would happen. This is his wish, isn’t? To make that first contact with Little J? To take baby steps towards possibly having an actual relationship with her eventually?

We were supposed to get on Skype for the call at 10:00am this morning. He told me that was a good time for him, I knew it would also be a good time for us. I sent a text at 9:30am asking if he’s still able to do it. I told Little J about it because I wanted her to have some time to be mentally prepared. It’s 10:30am, I have not heard back from B.

I’m not fucking waiting around. This is incredibly stupid. Unless he is lying in a ditch dead somewhere, I really don’t think there’s any excuse for him to be a no-call, no-show this morning. For someone who has seemed so sincere about moving things forward and being involved in Little J’s life, he certainly hasn’t shown me shit. He definitely gave me shit when he didn’t hear from me for weeks after the wedding, yet here we are… and here he isn’t.

So I’m logging off Skype, taking a shower and moving on with my day. Little J is happily playing a game on her Kindle, and our life will go on as normal.

As it has for the past 8 years.

Fuck you.

4 thoughts on “I will not wait for you.

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