That awkward moment when.. (personal, gross, you’ve been warned)











That awkward moment when, (I’m going to keep typing for a minute to be polite to those folks who will see the summary of this post on my homepage and maybe probably don’t want to read this unless they are a woman and have been here. This is not a ploy to get attention, it’s just fucking gross, plain and simple).

You forget to put a tampon in before going to work. Only to find out because you checked out your ass in the mirror in the bathroom at work and realized there was a small red spot on the back of your khaki skirt.

One Clorox Wipe, a lot of rinsing and washing and wiping and monopolizing the hand dryer, and 2 agonizing hours later, I literally CAN.NOT. wait to leave here and go change. I’m trying to pretend that I’m actually dead right now, and that I went to hell because I’ve been a bad girl.

EWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW. I live too far away to go home and come back, and I have to leave an hour early today anyway because my kid has ballet practice UGHHHHH.

Gross gross gross. This day is not one I will soon forget. Fucking A.

4 thoughts on “That awkward moment when.. (personal, gross, you’ve been warned)

  1. Ugh!! I keep some hidden in my desk but that would have been too late for you anyway, given you’d forgotten that you needed one. I hope you got through say ok and nobody noticed!

    • Funny story about that.. I actually brought a sweater with me today because I’m wearing a tank top. The only problem is that it’s one of these “cutesy” half-sweaters with half-sleeves that did not work. I managed to removed the visual evidence but umm.. it’s not cool. I think the only other time I’ve ever had this happen was in high school. So I’m a little peeved at myself.

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