Wedding Recap: Favors

The wedding was almost 2 months ago, and it’s still almost all I ever think about.  Memories from June 29th are like my own personal fantasy world, and I go there when real life sucks. Which is a lot lately.

The wedding favors were my absolute favorite part of the preparation process. I actually knew what they would be long before we ever booked the venue! I’m extremely proud of them and of all the wedding related compliments I’ve received, “I loved your favors!” is the one I hear most often. (Yes, I’m bragging. Deal with it.)

In keeping with the wine theme of our wedding, the favors were wine cork key chains. We have saved almost every cork from every bottle of wine we’ve consumed as a couple (that’s 4 years worth, and we drink a LOT of wine). When I counted them to see what we had to work with, there were 100 usable corks… a bunch of others were made into a corkboard early into the relationship and some had personal/not happy stuff written on them.

My DIY Wine Cork Key Chain Favors:


Wine corks (Collected from ourselves, ours all had dates/special occasions written on them)

1″ Key chain rings (Michael’s, 1 for each key chain)

1 3/16″ screw eyes (Home Depot, 1 for each key chain)

Eye pins, assorted sizes (Michael’s, 1 for each key chain)

Thank You charms (Michael’s, 1 for each key chain)

Super glue

Printer paper/ink


Making these key chain favors are not difficult by a long shot… they are time-consuming though. I made 100 favors over the course of two weeks, the last push of which I had help from my matron of honor, my little sister and my daughter. I do recommend using and abusing the fingers of anyone crazy enough to offer their help!

An assembly line type of process is what I found to be the most efficient way to put these bad boys together. Start with the screw eyes and the key chain rings, they’re the easiest of all. Poke the screw eye into one end of the cork (not over the cork screw hole, it’s okay if they’re a little off-center) just enough to make an indent. Put a tiny drop of super glue on the indent, and a little on the thread of the screw hole, and screw it in. This all sounds wonderfully dirty, doesn’t it!!

eye pins     Thank you charm


Once you’ve done that step on all the key chains, it’s time to grab the eye pins and Thank You charms. This part is a little more tricky and will make your fingers sore! First, put the Thank You charm onto the eye pin. Put a small drop of super glue on the cork end you have worked on yet, and push that sucker in until just the “eye” part is sticking out. Some corks this will be easy on, others… will feel like your putting a nail into a wall without a hammer. I tried using a thimble for a while, but found that using a wash cloth over my thumb was the least painful method. Again, do this step for all the key chains.

The paper tags on each one are what really make these favors. Remember why you’re giving favors out! It’s to thank your guests for coming to your wedding. If you’re making these, they’re a very personal (and inexpensive way) to show that appreciation. On our tags each side had something different printed on them.

One side for ALL the tags said:

favor front

I collected 5 of my favorite quotes about wine, and made up the tags with those quotes on the backs, one on each. Since I did this part last, I was able to keep them separate for the purposes of getting all the favors at each table to have different quotes on them. After I finished, I made up Zip Lock baggies with enough for each table inside. If you just lay them flat, they paper won’t bend. Mine were in great shape after being packaged like this for over a month! (Tip: If you pre-pack your centerpieces in separate boxes, one for each table, throw this bag of favors in – makes setting up on your wedding day so much quicker)!

If you want the template for printing the tags, or the quotes I used – shoot me an email at Or hell, I’ll make them for you for a price!!!

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5 thoughts on “Wedding Recap: Favors

      • I’ll take all the money I’ve earn from the YouTube video and send it right over. By the way, I reposted the video by “doing my lowlights of the week” and linked to you. You are getting some quite nice comments. You should check them out.

  1. What a great idea! All of my friends all either happily married or bitterly divorced, so the wedding favor thing probably won’t work for them. But since they’re mostly all also borderline-alcoholics and Christmas is just around the corner, I shared your post on Facebook and suggested making stocking stuffers while they’re sitting around getting drunk.

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