Checking in.

Been MIA for a few days… haven’t really felt like writing. Was home “sick” on Friday because my head was full of mucous and I prefer to suffer alone. Weekend plans fell through, but got a lot of stuff done around the apartment. Having a rough blah kinda week already… hoping soccer practice tonight with some cute little kids will snap me out of that. Tomorrow is open house for 3rd grade.. meeting the teacher and all that fun happy shit. Then tomorrow night, my husband’s first football game (he’s the defensive coordinator/linebackers coach for a high school team). Then Friday another soccer practice and Little J’s belt test for Tae Kwon Do. She’s testing for her green with stripe belt :)


Real post to come.. some other time.




PS- I forgot to put deodorant on today, if you’re wondering what that smell is. I know I’m in a life slump when my personal hygiene starts to suffer… off to CVS to buy a stick. Yiipppeee!

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