Whimsical Wednesday & Thwarted Thursday

This is gonna be one of those posts that ramble… so get comfortable and just cross your eyes now. After writing earlier, I’m in the mood to write again, ironic huh? Maybe a little reverse psychology or some shit. So here we go.

Head soccer coach dude cancelled practice today because of “rain” – it was cancelled on Friday too for the same reason. On Friday I didn’t care, because I was feeling like shit anyway.. but I did notice that it was perfectly clear outside during the practice time. It had rained steadily, but lightly, for most of the day.

Today was like that too, and even though the rain was due to stop around 4, he cancelled anyway. I even suggested that we tell the parents if it looks clear at practice time (5:30) to just head there and I would be there. I really wanted to practice, damnit! I put together a fucking awesome practice plan complete with coaching points and things to remember. And I have a whistle that I am DYING to use!!!

But no, the email went out at 4 and I was vetoed.

Now I’m watching the Big Bang Theory and I’m totally distracted.

Now all of a sudden there is a poorly costumed theatrical high school group performing an enthusiastic dance and song number. Then it warped into the local County school district performing arts award show. A fucking AWARDS SHOW people. There are overly dressed awkward looking speakers and pimply high school kids, and an audience and everything!!! All local high schools. I never knew this existed, I am totally stunned. And my husband won’t turn the channel… What.The.Fuck!

Suddenly I’m watching a special on some random unknown channel of a professor at my college explaining how their shuttle buses are fueled by hydrogen and how they use chicken feathers to make that process more efficient. I think I’m all good on the TV for tonight.


Flash forward to 9:00am Thursday morning. After typing the last sentence above, I literally closed my laptop and went to bed. Some follow through, huh? A quick rant for this morning:

I just found out on Friday that my daughter has had dental insurance through her Father for the entire time that he has had health insurance for her. It was court ordered, but dental was not, and since I got a health insurance card in the mail and no other information, I figured she just didn’t have it. I even tried calling the health insurance company a couple of years ago, before the ex and I “reconnected” but of course they wouldn’t talk to me because I’m not on the policy.

Anyway, I have spent  HUNDREDS of dollars on out-of-pocket dental costs for my daughter. HUNDREDS! Cleanings, x-rays, fillings, sealants… and with my current employer, I have a $1500 dental limit in which EVERYTHING is paid for (I use company credit card till I get to $1500). So I have those dollars that came out of my dental insurance and I’ve avoided major dental work that I need because I used up most of my “allowance” on her most recent cleaning, x-ray, exams, filling and sealants. Yes, the girl has had a number of cavities in her short little life. It’s not for lack of brushing and flossing, though, so I don’t know WTF is up with that.

ANYWAY! I called the dental insurance company to find out how far back I can file claims for, cause I want my fucking money back man! Again, wouldn’t talk to me, I’m not on the plan. I get that their job is to protect their customer’s privacy, but if I can prove to you beyond a shadow of a doubt that my child has an insurance policy with your company, you better fucking give me simple information, like how far back claims can be filed. Fuck. Like I care about dude’s insurance like that, I don’t give a shit!!! Ugh.

So I called the old dental office that I used to use for my daughter (and switched out of because I didn’t like the dentist one bit), and a very nice lady was helping me through the process. She told me what information to get from dude (member ID, group #, claims address & phone number). When I requested said information,  he took a picture of his health insurance card and sent it to me. I told him I needed the dental insurance information, he says “it’s all the same, I don’t have a separate card for dental.”

Okay. Who am I to argue? I don’t fucking know. So I call the dental office back, gave the lady the info I had, she said she would try with it and see if it works and give me a call back. I didn’t get that call back (this was Monday). So I called yesterday. Chick had gone home for the day. She calls me back this morning, and pretty much tells me that the dentist overheard her talking to me and said “don’t even bother trying, they’ll only approve claims within the past year.” Then she started whispering on the phone with me and said, “I know for a fact that some plans go back 2 years, but the dentist nearly lobbed my head off when I told her that. I’m really sorry. Try calling the insurance company again or see if you can find your receipts with the codes on them and file yourself.”

I damn near lost it. I could tell she was trying to be as helpful as she could be while being discreet, but I couldn’t keep my feelings in. I started yelling that the reason we left the fucking practice is because that dentist was a BITCH, and that I spent my hard-earned money for my daughter’s oral health care and YOU GUYS got paid! Now you’re telling me that even though I could possibly recoup some of that cost, she just doesn’t want you to try? To fucking hell with that! I will come in there and speak to her my goddamn self!”

Sweet lady… she said “I’m going to take your phone number home with me, and call you later, is that okay?” You betcha sister, cause it sounds like we have a dentist to destroy.


On another note, I still don’t know how to file these fucking claims and fucktard mr. biological dad is NO HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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