Friend, you were in my life for 4 wonderful years.. shared my happiest moments and sometimes my pretty sad (and/or pathetic) times too. Always by my side and happy to lend your helping hand. You had the ability to make a room spin and lift my spirits high! I could literally count on you anytime I needed you.

It is with extreme sorrow that I’m saying goodbye to you now.. I can’t even believe it. I blinked, and you were gone!

Reader: I wouldn’t want this to happen to your friend so I’m going to tell you the MOST IMPORTANT thing to avoid:

Do not put your friend on the ground, then turn around and deliver a swift kick to the head. Oh my fucking god….. DO NOT DO THIS!!!!!

RIP Red Wine Glass 1 <3 I swear to avenge your death by stabbing my husband with one of your shards in his sleep tonight. I will also fiercely protect your twin, Red Wine Glass 2, from this day forward. I’m so sorry that you had to spend your last split second on earth being shattered into 186 billion pieces.

You will be missed.


8 thoughts on “RIP

  1. I thought you were leading up to the loss of a human type friend… but red wine and a favorite glass… I feel your pain! ;-) I’d pour a glass of red zin out for your homey but I think I’d then be the victim of a midnight glass slashing..!

    • It was devastating. And the glass was full, freshly poured. My husband’s a careless wine/glass murderer! (Uh, not to mention there were 186 billion pieces of glass on our balcony, wine dripping down to the 3 balconies below us… so much fun!)

    • ;) Was hoping someone besides my corny self would enjoy that! On another note… J has really been cruisin for a bruisin lately. Breaking a wine glass is almost as bad as being unfaithful. I did not stab him though… for the record.

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