6 Hours in 4 Minutes: How not to spend your Labor Day.

For lots of working folks, Labor Day was supposed to be a nice break from the daily grind. A day off to barbecue and drink beer and otherwise bullshit around.

I missed the memo. My Labor Day “holiday” was spent busting my ass cleaning, cooking and doing laundry. These things HAD to get done… so where was my helpful husband? At football practice, of course. While he was gone, he also secured us guests for the evening AND offered to feed them dinner. Then asked me to also make them fucking cookies too. What do I look like, Martha Stewart?!

So to top off my already shitty choriday (chores + holiday = get it?!) I also had to prepare for guests. Since I’m such a badass, I did it all in 4 minutes! Don’t believe me? Click play….


12 thoughts on “6 Hours in 4 Minutes: How not to spend your Labor Day.

  1. I can’t believe you spent that much time on a holiday working on your house! You are crazy! If that was me it would have been 6 hours of me laying on the couch. There would have been no movement.

  2. Not that your cleaning spree wasn’t impressive, but I’m even MORE impressed that you had 6 hours without picking your nose, making faces in the mirror, using a random utensil as a microphone, picking out a wedgie, etc etc…. or is it only me who would have a hard time getting 6 hours without any of that?

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