Winner winner chicken dinner.

There are few things I love more than playing with words and phrases. It’s not good blogging etiquette to sit and explain to you how the title ties into the content but I’m going to anyway.. cause that’s the whole point! Write in the Wrong Way… get it???


I won tickets to an acoustic O.A.R. concert at the National Zoo on my favorite morning radio show. The truth is, I am not even a huge OAR fan. I love their song “Heaven” and honestly don’t know any others by them. But it was a concert At.The.National.Zoo. How could that get any more awesome?! In case you’re not aware, the National Zoo is the free one in DC where some little baby panda was just born. Apparently that’s a big deal to some people.. Me? I was all about chilling out on the Lion & Tiger hill, on a blanket, enjoying seasonal brews with a good friend of mine and enjoying the GORGEOUS weather we had Friday. Oh, and watching a couple good-looking dudes play their guitars and sing to me. Yes, they were singing to me. I’m kind of a big deal.. you should know that by now!

<exasperated sigh>

Here are some pics and a video from the evening to A) prove I was there, and B) make you jealous.

(Yes, I inserted a peach circle over my friend’s face. Privacy and all that, you know?)

oar1 oar2  oar4 oar5


The phrase only has two “winners” … but I have two things for this occurrence!

  1. I won a gift card for a dozen Georgetown Cupcakes on that same morning show, on a different day. If you don’t actively participate in your favorite morning show, you’re CRAZY! I won two dozen cupcakes last year as well… why not call in and be a winner?! I can’t think of a good reason! Now if I could only win money when they run their $500 giveaway… that would be SWEET. (Get it? Cupcakes… sweet?)cupcakes

  2. My daughter’s soccer team tied their first game 4-4! I know that this isn’t technically winning, but with the crappy 3 practices under our belt and complete inexperience of the head coach and I (assistant coach), the tie is winning in my book.  Bonus: my daughter scored one of the 4 goals so yay me as a Mom anyway!

Chicken Dinner:

We had a crock pot barbecue chicken dinner that was beyond amazing. That is all.



4 thoughts on “Winner winner chicken dinner.

  1. Winning stuff on the radio is pretty awesome. I won concert tickets to see Rick Astley once many, many years ago. I was beside myself with joy. Wait, are you old enough to know who Rick Astley is??? Google him if you don’t!

  2. congrats on your big wins! i knew you had some good karma coming your way :)
    i’ve had great success with throwing chicken in the crockpot and smothering it in BBQ sauce. then i cook it to death (sometimes i add some water in if i’m getting nervous there isn’t enough liquid…)- my family goes nuts for it, even though i think it’s kinda gross… but it’s a nice thing to come home to after a long day. cheap and cheerful :)
    enjoy your cupcakes!

    • It was so good I used the leftover sauce and ate “BBQ rice” LOL.. damn good. BBQ sauce w/ a little coke and brown sugar… nom nom nom. The giftcard for the cupcakes hasn’t come yet but we will probably eat all dozen in a single evening!

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