An anticlimactic response.

If you didn’t read On being “that” person, go check that out first or this won’t make sense. I’ll wait.

Not a problem,  they are all yours.

Not offense taken.  I have always said.  You are the coaches.   Let me know if you want help. I am sure you will do fine.

You have the lead on Sat.  I look forward to seeing them play.
That’s it, that’s all he wrote back initially. I did a little happy dance and enthusiastic I WIN fist pump. Then I stopped for a minute to notice that his typing skills suck the big one. I can only hope he wrote it on his phone…. otherwise I just have to shake my head.

It was a good feeling to get all that off my chest and get such a nice reply back.. Then I felt a little disappointed he didn’t have more to say. That’s the immaturity in me, looking for a fight I never wanted. Sigh.
Thank you so much for your understanding… it’s because of your help to this point that we are READY. I’m looking forward to practice Friday and another great game on Saturday!

Thanks not necessary.


And that was the end of that Wednesday night.  I guess he thought about it some more though.. cause I got the following email bright and early yesterday morning:

Amanda, sorry for calling you by the incorrect name yesterday. My other daughters coach goes by Allissa and my mind and mouth just got crossed up.

My intent for Friday is to just watch and enjoy watching the kids play.  I believe that is in line with your needs.
Well then. No help at practice? That’s fine.. I guess I had that coming. Something about having and eating cake. Either way, I felt confident and ready to go for practice this evening. He showed up, gave me the pop up goals he bought for the team to use this season (I’m so greedy, I don’t even care if this is uncool to still use his shit), then popped up a chair and sat in it. Exactly what I was hoping for.

Practice was not exactly how I wanted it to go, but I only had 6 out of 12 kids to work with so some of my plans got completely fucked. Oh well, that’s how these things go! Our second game is tomorrow and although I’ll be standing alone on the sideline, I am going to rock this shit :) The girls are excited and so am I!!


3 thoughts on “An anticlimactic response.

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    • Getting my way is always a win… I’ll take it and be happy :) I did detect slight bitterness, and also I’m pretty sure he was smirking at me during practice today. All I hope is that we win tomorrow, or tie again. If we lose bitterly, I’ll be bitter. I won’t tell the kids that, but I’ll be thinking it.

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