On the road.

That’s where this post comes to you from! Somewhere between DE and VA, USA. Actually we’re pretty close to the bay bridge which is how we mark the halfway point home.

I’m not really writing with any intent, just passing the time to keep my mind off my husband’s driving. I love him dearly but we have very different “philosophies” when it comes to the road. To put it in sports terminology: I’m very defensive minded while he is very offensive (in both definitions of the word).

So I sit here, pecking away at my phone. My daughter in the backseat making some kind of video on her Nintendo DS (while screeching “LALALALAALALALALA”). My husband is asking me to text his fantasy football “partner” questions about their lineup. I have my face in the snack bag trying desperately to pretend they don’t exist right now.

My left leg is asleep,  I want a cigarette, and these grapes are making me more hungry. My stomach is all like “stop for real food!” but my brain’s like “bitch you spent too much money at the wedding last night, no food for you!” I love my friend dearly,  but cash bars suck the big one. We put $40 in their card (precisely how much they gave us as a wedding gift), and spent $50 on drinks. $10 for the valet parking… I know that sounds snobby but we were super fucking late and didn’t have time to find parking at this huge/busy establishment.

Anyway,  the point is we dropped $100 in 5 hours and really could have used that money for other things. Like lunch. Right now.

I don’t feel like typing on my phone anymore, so enjoy these random pics instead:






Peace out snitches.



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