DP: I wish I could sing.

I love to sing. LOVE IT! I sing all the time, all day… every day. But I’m not so very good at it. It’s not so bad that you would cover your ears and run for the hills, but it’s not America’s Got Talent worthy either (I know there are actually singing talent shows, but they suck. So there). Here’s a little example for you, a song I sang at my wedding. My brother is amazing, which is why I don’t sound half bad singing with him:

I totally broke my privacy rule on this, but I know my brother won’t mind.

I used to be a soprano, but am a solid alto in my old age. I was a much better singer in my middle school chorus days, puberty was not kind to my vocal cords damnit! I think with actual singing lessons, I could be much better but who the fuck takes singing lessons for no good reason? Not this girl.

So I’ll continue singing to my steering wheel, my kid and my husband in my mediocre kinda way.

Practice does NOT make perfect, but who cares about perfect anyway? :)



Daily Prompt: Practice makes perfect?


11 thoughts on “DP: I wish I could sing.

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  3. Who takes singing lessons for no good reason? Um, me. When I was in college, I took Voice class. Singing. A capella. Totally unrelated to my major, I just didn’t want so many flat notes to emit from my mouth when I tried to sing along.

    I enjoyed your post today. Well done.

      • Actually, it did! The instructor, Hedley Nosworthy (really), had been trained in opera. He taught us how to sing from the diaphragm, position our tongues to open our throats, and many other techniques that I now use without thinking about it. LOL I’m still not great, but I’m not flat… ;-)

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