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We have been without cable TV for almost 2 months. Can you believe that no one in my home has gone insane or died yet?! It was a desperate attempt to lower the monthly household bills in an effort to pay more off our debts. Joy. I’m here to tell you that it worked. And I … Continue reading


Friday, October 18: 1:00am – ceased packing boxes in our staff office/room at the resort because the building was being closed for the night. 1:30am – ordered room service chicken tenders and french fries because I didn’t eat much at dinner due to an endless barrage of questions and conversations from the members I sat … Continue reading

Going with the flow.

Going with the flow.

Good evening out there in internet land! This post comes to you from my whirlpool bathtub. As in, I’m in the bathtub writing this post. If my laptop survives to see me push the “publish” button, we are in good shape!! I couldn’t NOT write tonight because I had a really phenomenal afternoon and evening … Continue reading

Hey there Florida…

So I’m spending the week in Florida. I wish I could say it was for pleasure, but sadly it’s for work. Although I wouldn’t want to be here for pleasure cause the weather has fucking sucked!!  We had a storm here so bad this morning that some of our members saw a water spout. You … Continue reading

Unfriending the bad girl.

“Mom, I have something I want to tell you but I can’t.” “Well now you have to tell me cause I’ll bug you till you do!” “It’s just… I don’t know how to say it.” “Are you worried I’ll get mad?” “No.” “Are you worried I’ll laugh?” “No.” “Oh come on, just tell me!” “Okay … Continue reading

Did you miss me?

Did you miss me?

People of the internet, you can breathe now. I know you’ve been holding your breath for what seemed like an eternity, waiting in front of your computer for Write in the Wrong Way to reappear. And where the hell do I get off going radio silent like that anyway?! I’m such a naughty blogger. To … Continue reading